The concerns that Dennis Conn has regarding South Gippsland Shire council road maintenance and funding of same is well founded and I question the accuracy of council’s response to the Sentinel-Times, June 16, 2015.
Approximately six weeks ago I stopped at the problem site and spoke to two council staff as they were inspecting the scoured area.
Upon suggesting the culvert needed to be cleaned out, the road’s inspector informed me that the culvert was clear enough for water to run through it and the problem would be fixed by cleaning out the table drain further west of the culvert.
There was no mention of waiting for an expensive high pressure cleaner to do the job. My wife had also called council after her near miss at the intersection giving her mobile number, she was never contacted.
As to the claim the council had made an attempt to contact Dennis Conn! While he was overseas his wife was at home for the most part and their phone has an answering system and yet there had not been any message left or contact made with the family by council officers.
Is it now a council policy not to leave a phone message or is the new response to road maintenance requests simply, no response until the press is contacted?
Cameron Sage, Whitelaw.