I refer to your excellent ‘Comment’ by Michael Giles in your May 12 edition on the Surf Parade debacle.
I strongly commend and support the sentiments so well espoused.
I also express my strong condemnation of Cr Crugnale’s efforts to what could be perceived as an attempt to frustrate the implementation of this important project which from over seven years as a councillor and a property owner/part time resident in Inverloch for over 15 years, appropriately reflects the council’s ‘Duty of Care’ relative to the acute pedestrian safety risks along Surf Parade.
My Local Government experience was with the former Shire of Sherbrooke which was widely renowned as a rigid conservation and environmentally monopolised council during my terms between 1987 and 94.
I firmly believe that even that council would not have pursued such a philosophically driven position at the expense of community safety. Surely, such an important risk mitigation and community benefit project should be prioritised above any consideration of such a minor environmental impact, if any.
Having observed Cr Crugnale’s similar behaviour with the dog debacle, I have some real concerns with her approach to and/or her apparent interpretation of her responsibilities as a councillor and in turn, as the elected representative of her constituents.
I suggest other Inverloch residents look at this closely also as enough is enough!
Peter Marke AFSM JP MAICD, Inverloch.