BASS Coast Shire Council has responded to the local skate community by committing to the development of future skate facilities.
Councillors agreed unanimously to spend funds previously allocated for delivering supervision services across the council on a more strategic, facility development focused program.
It is expected that the redirection of up to $100,000 per year will be available for capital investment in skate facilities.
The program, which will be developed over the coming months, will be in support of the Sport and Active Recreation Needs Assessment Study which is being undertaken by the council’s Recreation planners.
Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said the move is a positive step in responding to what is a growing need in our communities.
“The YMCA has delivered a great service to the community over many years at our local and mobile skate parks,” Cr Brown said.
“We see that the great work by the YMCA in building the rapport with our skate community will ensure all facilities are used in a responsible manner, much like all other local reserves and parks.
“I am very excited that this allows us to now plan for bigger and better facilities.”
Council also advises that the Skate Park Programming role will again provide opportunities for skate enthusiasts to utilise local facilities through community events and educational activities.