BURRA Foods aims to handle around 300 litres in the new milk year and has made a strong bid to boost supply with “a strong opening milk price of $5.60 per kilogram milk solids for the 2015/16 season”.
Grant Crothers, Burra Foods Chief Executive Officer, said that the new season’s price was the second highest in recent history.
“I am pleased to announce a strong and realistic milk price to our milk supply partners and I have confidence that it delivers a genuine price premium for those supplying Burra Foods,” he said.
According to Mr Crothers, Burra Foods new season price takes into account the current depressed dairy commodity prices and the current USD/AUD rate.
“We remain relentlessly focused on higher value dairy ingredients and in these market conditions that strategy is rewarding us with the ability to maintain the price premium to our milk supply partners.
“Our milk supply team is in the process of sending out individual income estimates to all our milk supply partners, providing full transparency of our price.”
Mr Crothers said that Burra Foods will handle around 300 million litres of milk this year, up from approximately 265 million litres in the 2014/15 year.
“I am very happy with the progress we have made this year in furthering the capability of our nutritional powder business and am confident about meeting the increased demand for these products in the coming year,” Mr Crothers said.
Burra Foods continues to invest in the company’s future growth, announcing in April the purchase of additional dairy processing assets and significantly increasing their milk pool.
The company has also opened an office in Hong Kong, complementing their Tokyo office, to provide greater access and focus on business development throughout Asia.