By King George

This big flathead was caught by Wonthaggi Angler Allan Smith.

This big flathead was caught by Wonthaggi Angler Allan Smith.

AMONG many other things, Inverloch is a renowned fishing location and many streams flow across private property.
Generally speaking everyone gets on well and some landowners have even gone to the extent of providing car parking to make life that little bit easier.
However there is always someone who will do the wrong thing and recently an electric fence was rendered ineffective apparently by someone just to save a short walk and in the process failed to realize what could have been the result of their actions.
King George sympathizes with the landowners who are victims of this senseless act and asks that people just do the right thing, which is not too much, surely.

Surf: Nothing too much to report over the last week as the conditions were not all that favourable for this form of fishing.
Maybe not too bad early but when the big blow arrived there was not a great deal of action on the local beaches.

Inverloch: Early in the week there was a bit of activity with boaters and land-based anglers trying their luck.
It would be fair to say that there were mixed results with mullet, flathead and silvers making up most bags.
Visiting angler Gordon Thomas was with a couple of mates out on the water before the weather broke and tried a few spots out from Mahers Landing.
They had a reasonable day but didn’t break any records but managed some very nice size mullet that were to the 500gm mark as well as three good size silvers that were all taken on whitebait.
A few small but size gummy sharks were also bagged with best results being on the run in tide.
The Tarwin River has had quite a few land based fishers trying their luck with silvers and mullet making up most bags.
There have been plenty of eels being caught for those who like them, but they do make very good shark bait.
Before the break in the weather there were quite good size salmon to the 2kg mark being caught mainly on the run in tide.
The odd flathead was also landed along with a stray gummy shark but it would be an exaggeration to say the fish were in plague proportions.

Shallow Inlet: At the time of this report there was not a great deal happening apart from the fact that Karen and Andrew Starrett who run the local caravan park are expecting large numbers of salmon.
It is not unusual for whiting to be a bit shy at this time of year but the torpedo fish usually take their place and the action will be red hot.
Very good size silvers will accompany them where both species will try the skill of anglers as well as gear.

Port Albert: Rob Killury who runs the local general store says that there have been a few gummies and flathead being taken by boaters.
He says the weather has not been all that inviting as it has been in many parts of the state.
He says there have been quite a few anglers trying their luck off the local jetties and having mixed success.
He says one local fisherman decided to try his luck off the structure and finished the day with a very impressive bag of fish.
Rob also says the lucky angler landed seven species for the day and naturally has bragging rights for the week at least.

Lakes Entrance: The footbridge and all other town jetties has been good for trevally that are taking pilchard.
Bream at the Flagstaff Jetty biting on prawn.
Some luderick are also about taking local weed.
Lake Bunga for salmon on silver lures, also give Eastern Beach a try as well.
Offshore at the six-mile reef, pinkies and gummies are to be had.
Pilchards and squid seem to be producing the best results.

Lake Tyers: Luderick are about at Mill Point.
Bream are around the Flats in about one metre of water, best results have been early to mid-morning.
Best bait being bass yabbies.
Salmon are around 1.5kg on the beach taking popper and pilchard.

Mitchell River: The Barrier, Grassy Banks and all the way down to Two Bells are the best spots for bream, biting on crab and worm.

Tambo River: From the power lines to Sandy’s Bluff is the best spot for bream, their bait of choice being prawn and worm.
Nicholson: From the Little Cliffs and heading toward Thumb Point are the best spots for bream, taking prawn.

Metung: Rock wall and towards the town centre for Bream and Mullet biting on prawn and worm.
Also try Shaving Point and towards Lake King Jetty.

Paynesville: The Straits and town jetties are still producing bream and mullet.
Best bait is prawn and worm.
Surf Beach at Ocean Grange for salmon, taking pilchards and poppers.

Hollands Landing: Storm Point, Luff Point and into Blonde Bay are best for bream on prawn.
Tom’s Creek at the mouth is also a good spot to try.

A tip from King George to beginners: With the cold weather now with us it is vital to take plenty of warm clothes to ward off the winter chills.
The cold seems to get worse as time goes on especially when there is no action and it is always better to have a coat and not want it than want a coat and not have it!

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 3474 or Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE sun might have been out on the weekend but the wind reminded you that it was winter and for most of the time a coat was needed.
Unfortunately the cooler conditions keep the majority of people from getting the fishing rods out and I think most stayed in front of the heater keeping warm.
There was however several that did brave the conditions and I wouldn’t say they slayed them but many managed a feed for their efforts.
Most of the reports came from the land with only a handful of boats out due to the strong winds at times.
The surf at Kilcunda was reasonable from early in the week but slowed to a halt on the weekend with only a handful of small salmon reported.
Early in the week several customers found the salmon on the Powlett side of Cemetery Beach catching most on lures rather than baits but from the reports baits or lures were no help on the weekend from any of the Kilcunda beaches.
The beaches have cleaned up a lot and very few complained about the weed so it’s simply just a case of the salmon probably found food elsewhere.
The island beaches weren’t quite as bad and more salmon were reported but there wasn’t any type of pattern to them and the reports came from all over the tide with no part of the tide much better than the other.
I did have a lot of reports from those who headed to Woolamai telling me about the schools of fish that were busting up just wide of the last breaker which made it very frustrating for those on the beach.
The reports were mixed with lures and bait with probably those using lures just in front or to be more exact those who were set up with good spinning outfits and able to cast a considerable distance doing better with their lures.
A couple of odd calamari from the jetty at San Remo but overall quiet this week but if you saw the bay at times it was that dirty the calamari would have had to swim into the jig to actually know it was there.
The beaches were much the same with the wind not playing its part there making it difficult at times to either cast out or to stop your float from coming straight back into the beach.
Those in boats had a bit more success with the calamari although the wind again made it difficult to drift so it was anchor up and just keep moving till you found them.
From those who caught them once you found them it didn’t seem to matter if your jig was black or white they were feeding aggressively and taking anything.
Obviously the hard thing was to actually find them first.
The odd whiting was reported over the weekend but with mostly north, north west winds anchoring in Dickies Bay was difficult as the wind seemed to change slightly with the tide to always put the boat sideways to it and swing all over the place which is a long way from ideal for whiting fishing.
Any reports that I did get came from earlier in the week but even those were few and far between with conditions still not ideal.
Whiting will be there over the next few months just the opportunity to fish for them might not.
I am still getting reports of snapper being caught by those who are putting in the hours and all are decent size at around 5kg and above.
Most of the reports are from the top end of the bay but a couple have come from The Corals and the western channel from those chasing gummies.
Gummies while nothing special this week those reported were all over 6kg and again worth sitting out on a cold winter’s night.
Several couta and salmon were caught by those trawling in Cleeland Bight and around the entrance.