by King George

THE large pressure system that prevailed most of the week meant for much better weather conditions and as a result there was a bit more activity on the water with better bags of fish.

Surf: Generally speaking there were reasonable bags of salmon caught on local beaches.
As is usually the case the torpedo fish were in better numbers being to around the 2kg mark.
There was a sprinkling of flathead and gummies which made the efforts worthwhile.
Visiting anglers Joel Davis and Andy Kier decided to try their luck off the Venus Bay beaches over the weekend and managed very good bags of salmon that were around the 1.5kg mark.
They also landed a very big flathead estimated to be 3kg but thought that it might have been a breeding female so they threw it back to swim and fight another day.

Inverloch: There were quite a few anglers who decided to try their luck off the jetty over the weekend but there was plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
There was the occasional salmon and mullet landed along with some crabs netted but that was about it and most hopefuls returned home with little to show for their efforts.
The large lagoon near the entrance has meant that there has been very little activity as far as fishing is concerned.
Pensioners Corner has been reasonable where best results have been at low water on both sides of the tide.
Mullet, silvers, flathead and whiting have been making up most bags with pipis and Bass yabbies being the best of the presentations.
In the area around Stevies Gutter there has been a few perch landed on both sides of the low water tide.

Shallow Inlet: Bill Reynolds says there have not been any boats on the water in his part of the world but there have been plenty of salmon arriving in the traditional numbers.
He says they are not huge but very good size as far as the table is concerned.
At the time of this report there was just one crew in the carpark and they will have the fish all for themselves.

Port Welshpool: The weather conditions have been fairly good but the water temperature is way down as it usually is at this time of year.
Flathead have been caught in fairly good numbers to the 1kg mark.
They have been caught on a variety of baits as well as soft plastic lures.
There have not been any reports of whiting where the Lewis Channel is usually productive but outside the entrance has been surprising.
Through the week there was a 120kg mako shark bagged and another much bigger one was also taken in the deeper water.
They are not often caught at this time of year but no one is complaining.
Of course these big toothies are dangerous and should not be targeted by inexperienced fishers in small craft, as they have been known to jump into boats and cause a lot of brown water.

Port Albert: Ulla from the Port Albert General Store says the fishing has been very good where boaters and land-based anglers are happy with their returns.
Flathead have been making up many bags along with silvers and whiting that have been taking a variety of baits.
Outside the entrance has also been worth a visit with gummies and reasonable numbers of salmon making the effort worthwhile.
The jetties have also been making a visit well worthwhile where flathead, silvers reasonable size salmon along with eels making up most of the bags.

Lakes Entrance: Reeves Channel and around Flannigans Island for whiting and school shark.
The town jetties have been producing trevally on blue bait.
Some luderick have also been caught off the town jetties and rock walls, taking local weed.
Offshore has been good for pinkies and gummies that are being caught on pilchard and squid.
Good size salmon have been caught off the surf.

Lake Tyers: Blackfellows Arm has been good for bream, taking prawn.
Pinkies to the 35cm mark are not far up into Toorloo Arm taking prawn.
From Camerons Arm and down to Mud Island in the shallows there have been bream taking prawn.
Salmon are in good numbers from the surf taking pilchard and lures.

Mitchell River: From the Highway Bridge anglers are catching perch on plastics and hard-bodied lures.
Eagle Point and towards the Cut is good for bream. Best baits are spider crab and prawn.

Tambo River: From Sardine flats to Rough Road and heading toward Clues Bluff are the best spots for bream with prawn being the most productive bait.

Nicholson: From The Reeds and up to Car Bodies, bream are being caught on prawn.

Metung: On the Boardwalk and town jetties and up to Shaving Point there has been good numbers of bream with the best results from prawn.
There have been dolphins about so fishing could be patchy.

Tamboon: From Fisherman’s Landing, Peach Tree Creek and down to Pelican Point there have been plenty of bream being caught on prawn and plastics.
The surf beach has salmon being caught on pilchard and poppers.

A tip from King George to beginners: Both, land-based anglers and boaters like to wear Polaroid glasses when fishing.
These lenses take the glare off the water allowing you to have a better view, which can be very handy as well as protecting your eyes.
Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

FOR winter it doesn’t get much better than last weekend and if this is what the predicted El Nino weather pattern means, the sooner it gets here the better.
Plenty of people took advantage of the good conditions all around the bay.
Conditions weren’t quite as good during the week but there was the odd break in the weather and a chance to have a fish.
During the week most of the reports were of salmon, couta and calamari both from the land and the boats.
There was also the odd whiting from the boats but nothing to get too excited about and anglers were fighting very fine weed.
Couta and salmon in the boats came mostly from those trawling in the channel around Cleeland Bight; fishing did however improve on the weekend.
Calamari were hard to find during the week both from land and boats but improved over the weekend as the weather did.
The jetty at San Remo overall was a bit quiet but those who put in enough time were rewarded with at least one or two.
Again the pattern of the last few weeks continued and the best times to catch the calamari at the jetty was all over the place.
Reports from the beaches at Ventnor and in Cleeland Bight were better and the last of the high tide first of the run out was the best with baited jigs more successful.
Boats had mixed results with both types of jig but were far more successful than land based.
There were some good fish caught during the last week and as usual while for the most part the quantity was lacking the quality was certainly there. But typically of this time of the year there were plenty of misses as well and the only hint I can give is persevere.
Offshore was probably the best for quantity with reports of plenty of flathead, couta, salmon and silver whiting but they weren’t just jumping in the boat and a bit of work was needed to find them.
The best area for the flathead was along the 40m line and again several short drifts was the way to go and 25m to 30m for the silver whiting.
Salmon and couta were found more by accident than by targeting an area as they travel in schools and don’t often settle on a reef like other species.
There were a couple of quality gummies and smaller pinkies as well and you need to target the reef or rougher bottom areas.
In the bay in Cleeland Bight the odd whiting was caught with better whiting around Reef Island and Dickies Bay and were a bit slow probably due to the slow tides.
I would expect if the weather stays fine the reports will improve during the week from those heading out for an evening fish with better tides.
I was told of a few decent reports from over near Tortoise Head and off the bank at Rhyll also down past Cowes.
Typically for winter during the day there was plenty of small gummies from The Corals and undersize flathead with the better gummies coming from those putting in the hard yards and fishing overnight.
There were a few boats that spent the night out overnight around Spit Point/Temby Point areas and I know one boat thought it was well worth the effort managing two snapper just over 5kg and a gummy that they estimated to be 8kg; they also had a couple of big runs but didn’t manage to hook them, one they lost their rig so obviously something with teeth.
I get asked often why I don’t put many land based reports in and the answer is very simple: I don’t get many catches from the land reported.
Those who fish from boats are often very secretive with their fishing spots but will give me reports or send me photos and tell me a general area or they will tell me the exact spots but asked not to mention it and I respect that as they have often put many hours into finding the spot in the first place.
Land based fishermen will often take this one degree further and even hide their catches so no one will see them let alone tell me they caught something.
From those who did give me reports this week salmon were caught from most of the surf beaches on the Island and at Kilcunda but no monsters with just over 1kg the best reported.
Kilcunda has been slowly cleaning up and by the end of the weekend most beaches were fishable.
Numbers are slowly improving but with the increased numbers the sizes have got smaller.
Woolamai is the same and even other beaches further onto the island.
The most successful salmon report this week came from a customer using lures and he said he walked about 5km for the morning but managed a dozen salmon with the biggest about 800grams.
He was using a selection of lures all were 40grams in a variety of colours, white, blue, black, green and didn’t find one better than the other.