by King George

THE Wonthaggi Angling Club held its bi-annual competition recently at the Tambo River with a total of 36 entries.
Alan Bentick was the King of the Tambo with a bag of 7.220kg and Anne Poulton was Queen with a 1.725 kg.
The Prince was Hunter Tiziani with a bag of 2. 655 kg.
The Princess was Bridie Allan with a .510kg.
The winner of the team’s event was Alan Bentick, Sophia Allan and Erin Howell with a total of 7.220kg.
The Betty Ryan Memoral Shield was won by Jack Howell.
Life Member and King of the Tambo this trip Alan Bentick said that fishing was a bit on the slow side and if he had his time over again he would have fished the afternoon, as this was the most productive.
Vice President Steve Howell said that this was a very enjoyable trip and he is already looking forward to the next event which will be held in November.

Inverloch: There have been plenty of land-based anglers and boaters trying their luck inside the entrance but there has been plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
A few whiting have been bagged to the 35cm mark that have been taking Bass yabbies, sand worms and pipis.
Mullet and small silvers have also been in reasonable numbers but again the numbers have not been all that impressive.
Mahers Landing has been not much better and anglers are battling for something to put on the plate.
In the vicinity of the Bathing Boxes a large lagoon has been formed where there has been large numbers of dead crabs and other small dead fish washed up; don’t use or eat the fish.
Even though the big schools of salmon haven’t turned up at the time of this report they are not too far off.
Experienced anglers know that when they make an appearance, fish to the 4kg mark will take a variety of surface lures as well as baits.

Tarwin River: The river has also been very slow even though there have been plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck off the fishing platforms.
The lucky ones have been catching the odd perch that have been to the 30cm mark being just 3cm over the limit.
Small silvers, mullet and fairly good size eels are also making up reasonable bags.
Port Welshpool: There was not much activity last week, but on Sunday, May 24 the conditions were great and many boaters decided to head straight out wide.
The main fish caught were very good quality flathead that were bagged on a variety of baits and there was also a sprinkling of gummies.
Here were no reports of whiting as the boats ignored places such as the Lewis Channel but no doubt there are good numbers of them to be caught on another day.

Port Albert: On Sunday, May 24 there were quite a few boats on the water.
Most of the fish caught were flathead but no one was complaining as they were to the 1kg mark and taking a variety of natural baits.
There were no reports of lures such as soft plastics being used but no doubt they would have been a contributing factor.
The jetties had quite a few land-based anglers trying their luck with the only report being from Jamie Henderson who managed a mixed bag of silvers, mullet, flathead and a good size eel that managed to tangle up his rod.

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties have been good for mullet and luderick.
The Highway Bridge also has luderick taking weed and pilchard.
All the beaches are producing salmon on silver lures.
Offshore at Six Mile Reef, snapper, morwong, gummies and flathead are making a meal of pilchards and squid.

Lake Tyers: With some fresh water coming down the lake, fish are about the lower areas.
Trident Arm to the Island Channel markers and Fisherman’s Landing has been producing bream on prawn and soft plastics. Salmon are being caught lures at the beach.

Mitchell River: From Eagle Point and down to Two Bells are the best spots for bream. Also try the Barrier up from Grassy Banks. Bait of choice has been vibes.

Tambo River: From Sardine Flats and down towards the Three Gums for bream, taking prawn and worm. Also try the river mouth.

Nicholson: From the boat ramp and all the way down to Thumb Point are the best spots for bream on prawn.

Metung: Shaving Point, the town jetties and along the boardwalk are producing bream and whiting. Best bait is prawn and worm.

Paynesville: The Strait and town jetties for bream and mullet taking local prawn and worm.
The surf beach is worth a try for salmon on pilchard and silver lures.

Hollands Landing: Storm Point, Blonde Bay and Toms Creek has been producing bream and mullet. Best bait being prawn, worm and pipis.

Marlo: Bream Point, Lake Corringle, the Islands and down to the river mouth for bream and Mullet taking prawn and worm.
The surf for salmon and tailor on silver lures, pilchard and poppers.

Bemm River: Bream are cruising in the lake, taking sandworm and prawn.
The surf at Pearl Point is good for salmon on pilchard and poppers.

Tamboon: Peach Tree Creek at the creek mouth for bream on prawn. Eagons Bank and down to the Rocks is also worth a try.
The surf has been good for salmon on poppers and pilchards.

A tip from King George to beginners: Whenever you are going out fishing be sure to let someone know where you are going and your estimated time of return (ETA).
Better to go with a mate as there are many things that can go wrong on land or water-which can happen in an instant.
Also have a fully charged mobile phone and wear appropriate clothing.
These are just a few common sense things, but well worth remembering.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

FISHING reports are all over the place this week which is typical for this time of the year and it generally goes hand in hand with the weather which is also all over the place with some very good days in between the windy ones which means you need to be able to go when the weather fines up.
The reports that did come through this week and there was some quality amongst them came from, offshore, in the bay and from the land.
Most of the fish that were caught off the land were salmon and from the surf with the odd other fish from the jetties but not a lot to keep.
Salmon have been reasonably good lately and plenty of customers are reporting large schools just behind the surf.
It has been a mixture of lures and blue bait in the reports with a small metal lure especially one with white in it the best.
It was a mixture of Woolamai and Kilcunda with the reports and neither probably stood out as being better.
The main difference was that Kilcunda had a bit more weed at times and made fishing more difficult.
The best salmon we saw for the week was just over the 2kg and while it’s a decent size they managed six of the same size for the session which was a great effort. Most of the salmon we saw were closer to 1kg or below but the numbers for the most part were good.
Calamari were very quiet later in the week from the jetty at San Remo and most of the reports came from earlier in the week.
The best reports came from the boats on the better days from in Cleeland Bight.
Calamari will be a bit patchy over the next month but will get better and better after that and you will also start to see more of the bigger ones.
You will also find over the winter period the baited jigs will start to be more successful with the dirtier water.
There was some fine days earlier in the week and a few even managed to head offshore to chase a flathead or two.
There were a couple of good schools of salmon but they were on the move and it was difficult to get more than a couple of fish out of it before they were gone, being chased by a few seals probably didn’t help either.
By far the best catch of the week came from good customer Amanda who managed to land a pike that measured just under one metre long from down towards the windmills.
Most managed a feed of flathead although nothing too big with the majority between 30cm and 40cm long.
The Corinella area produced several good gummies again this week and although not as many as the past couple of weeks, a few snapper were also caught.
I have been told there are several undersize gummies around The Corals area and a couple of bigger ones were reported but only around the 4kg mark.
There were also a few customers broken off by big seven gills which you will find this time of the year and while they don’t necessarily give a fast run they get their tail working and it’s generally a big powerful run and on the big ones you are often just a passenger.
This time of the year many anglers turn to land based fishing and put the boat away but if you are new to land based fishing or even just taking up fishing for the first time there are a few things you can do to ensure you go home that night.
Like fishing from a boat there are dangers involved in land based fishing and like boating it’s generally common sense that will stop you getting injured.
Be wary of your surroundings and know the possible dangers of where you are fishing.
There are thousands of anglers a week that fish from rocks, jetties and beaches and apart from the odd hook through the finger or cut from the bait knife most go home unharmed, unfortunately though some don’t get home.
Rock fishing can be one of the most rewarding forms of land based fishing but it can be also one of the most dangerous forms of fishing as we have seen over the years with several accidents at areas like the Punchbowl.
If you are fishing an area new to you, first thing to do is ask a local find out the best conditions suited to the area.
Tell someone where you will be fishing and approximately when you will be home.
Know the tide as most open rock areas will have some level of danger on an incoming tide.
Before you even get the fishing gear out of the car spend at least 15 minutes assessing the swell size and wave patterns and if it looks dangerous it probably is, go somewhere else.
Most importantly, never turn your back on the water, don’t get too close to the edge, and if fishing on a rock ledge don’t try to climb down to retrieve a rig or even a fish – no fish, tackle or rig is worth your life.
There is a big push by authorities to make life jackets mandatory when fishing from certain areas and for under $100 its cheap insurance.
If you are just starting out or want to fish with the family the jetties and beaches are probably the place for you to start till you get a bit of experience. You still need to be careful as accidents can happen.
The beach, especially the back beaches, are the best place to get started as there is generally less people, lower waves and more room to practice your casting and tons of room for the kids to run around.
Pick your day, pack a lunch and make a family day of it.
It’s coming towards the end of the financial year and I can’t be bothered counting everything so over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, we will be having a sale on Saturday and Sunday on all rods, reels and combos.