At 2.20pm Mother’s Day, I sat in my car with my daughter in the Safeway car park in Wonthaggi waiting for the VLine Bus to Southern Cross.
The weather was freezing, with wind-blown, almost horizontal rain.
The rain of course was beating into the bus ‘shelter’, soaking the seats and the back wall.
The waiting VLine passengers huddled together at the rear of the ‘shelter’.
Some genius designed this useless structure, and then some other ‘planner’ sited it facing directly into Wonthaggi’s usual winter weather.
There is no overhang to the roof of this structure at the rear, so the waiting passengers were out of the worst wind but still being drenched.
Then they could look forward to sitting in their soaked clothing for the rest of the journey.
The bus pulled in and all now huddled against the side of the vehicle (while tickets were purchased and luggage stowed).
To walk from the car park to the bus, we made our way across the verge to the footpath.
This strip of ‘lawn’ is uneven, sloppy dirt so one crosses at one’s peril to the waiting bus.
Surely a paved path could be made from the car park to the bus stop.
I dare say someone sat in their air-conditioned office in Melbourne and made the decisions for public transport in Wonthaggi.
A disgrace!
Yvonne McRae, Wonthaggi.