I have written to the Bass Coast Shire Council regarding my concern and frustration over the postponement of the footpath extension in Inverloch along Surf Parade which was designed to provide safe access to our most popular beach.
Many of the residents of Inverloch have worked incredibly hard to get this path extended.
We have worked well with the council and their various departments and many of the staff at the council have provided excellent assistance and information to assist in my understanding.
The path is desperately needed and every day that goes by is another day our children and all residents that use Surf Parade are in danger of being injured or worse along this dangerous section of road.
That stretch of road is also used every day by our primary school children on foot and on bikes.
It now appears that proceedings have been stalled for absolutely no good reason.
All relevant environmental studies have been carried out as per the project requirements.
Everything has been covered in the report from which funding had already been allocated.
I have been speaking to many people in the community and two things have happened.
First it appears no one has been properly informed the project has stalled and secondly there seems to be no clear reason why the project is not proceeding.
We would like councillors to further consider their decision at the next council meeting on June 24 and clarify the current position together with a planned completion date.
Greta Eberbach, Inverloch.