It will be of interest to many ratepayers to see the comparison in the Draft Budgets of Bass Coast Shire Council and Baw Baw Shire Council for 2015/2016.
The comparisons shown indicate that ratepayers in Bass Coast are not being well served by our Council and in my opinion the draft budget needs complete revision.
I am at a loss to understand how the draft budget was approved by Councillors for public comment.
Baw Baw does have a kerbside green waste collection, transfer stations and a hard rubbish collection.
We had a green waste trial abandoned by council as too expensive despite a 94.5% satisfaction rating. We do not have a functional transfer station on Phillip Island and a very limited hard rubbish collection service for a fee.
Examination of the above comparisons show that in all of the items mentioned Bass Coast is worse off.
Come on Council, we deserve better than this.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.