While the Abbott Government doesn’t like renewable energy and thinks that wind farms are visually awful, it does seem to be comfortable with coal. Well, each to their own poison I suppose, except that in the poison stakes, coal comfortably beats wind any day.
If you were worried about your health, you wouldn’t want to be living anywhere near the Yallourn Valley.
And if you were worried about the health of the planet, you really wouldn’t want millions of tons of coal pollution poisoning our atmosphere, like brown coal does.
Tony and his coal friends are very comfortable with each other too, thus our so called Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, isn’t suggesting a Coal Commissioner to investigate complaints against this highly poisonous substance.
But he has to be seen to be doing something environmental, so why not show some environmental interest in the health effects of wind? He is going to appoint a Wind Farm Commissioner instead! Brilliant!
The only problem is that there is no scientifically demonstrable evidence that there are any wind farm health effects. None. Zippo. Zilch.
There are some noisy objectors who swear that the damned things cause all manner of problems, but they do not submit a shred of peer reviewed research presented in reputable scientific journals to back their claims. Never.
Whenever there is an inquiry into the health effects of wind farms, said objectors make a lot of noise, but are politely and firmly told that their views carry absolutely no scientific weight whatsoever. This has happened repeatedly, but it doesn’t seem to discourage them.
And they are right not to be discouraged, because as our Mr Hunt argues, they should be heard, regardless of the science, because they have feelings too! I can only suppose that he will have to appoint a Wind Commissioner who agrees that feelings are more important than science. There are no scientifically derived dangers he can reference, so feelings will just have to be the go.
Now everyone agrees that more research into the health effects of wind farms is warranted. Indeed it is.
But what Mr Hunt and his fellow travellers really believe deeply, is that if we keep doing research ad nauseam, something adverse to wind farms will infallibly turn up, one day, because they know in their hearts that it must. The terrible effects of wind farming are potentially just another research project away.
Friends, we just have to be patient. The evidence will come. It will.
And Mr Hunt and his friends believe that this truth is so self-evident, everyone else should come to believe in this potential unrealised evidence, as well.
Thus any tactic that can be used to delay these monsters of the horizon is justified.
As we speak, there is a senate inquiry being run by a group of senators who think that feelings are more important than science.
They know how heartless, venal and scam prone science can be.
And they will speak the truth of the heart and Newscorp and that venerable science commentator Andrew Bolt, will all tell us of the terrible potential wind farm danger and the science that will for certain show this to be incontrovertibly true, one day.
And it will sound so convincing that we all nod our heads, change channels and watch the footy instead.
And Lewis Carol’s little Alice will suddenly find that she hasn’t gone down a rabbit hole after all. It’s the entrance to that other below ground institution, Parliament House in Canberra.
But while some of the people inside seem to be behaving like the characters in Carol’s Wonderland and Looking Glass stories, they are all too depressingly real.
Hunt and his cronies have reduced themselves to a caricature where belief and reason just don’t meet in the middle anymore and political double think is standard fare.
Alice would be right at home…..I’d vote for her, because unlike our Mr Hunt, she is a fiction who can’t do any harm.
Christopher Nagle, Grantville.