BLACK ice is being blamed for two separate accidents near Korumburra yesterday morning, with occupants from both vehicles lucky to escape uninjured.
The first accident occurred around 6.50am when a 22 year-old Warragul man and his passenger were travelling along the Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road towards Wonthaggi.
Senior Constable Steve Van Hamond of the Korumburra Police said the driver lost control of the Toyota HiAce van.
The vehicle skidded across the on-coming lane, through a grass verge and then down an embankment, rolling the van through a barbed-wire fence and on to its side in a paddock where cattle were grazing.
The ladders, electrical equipment and other paraphernalia on the roof rack of the van was dislodged during the accident and collected by the occupants later.
They transferred their tools and equipment into a van from the same electrical contractor who was travelling in convoy with them.
The accident happened just before dawn with the morning at its coldest when temperatures in the area were below freezing.
Shortly after, a second car also lost control near the same spot and also ended up in the paddock.
However, Snr Cost Van Hammond said when police arrived the driver had managed to drive their vehicle through the paddock and out a farm gate.
“Both accidents are believed to have been caused by the slippery conditions,” he said.
“It is a timely reminder for drivers to be aware and drive to the conditions.”