KEEPING your home at an optimal temperature can be difficult in the ever-changing climate of Australia.
Local Hotondo Homes’ builders Trent Allen and Vern Carr believe combining heating and cooling units with passive home technologies will help provide optimal temperature levels in your living areas.
“There is no better time to educate yourself on energy efficient technologies than when you’re building a new home,” Trent said.
“You will have the opportunity to choose products that will not only be positive for the environment but also for your hip pocket.”
Making your home more energy efficient can be as simple as having plenty of windows to provide natural light to more intricate methods like harnessing solar power.

Floor plan
The floor plan you choose for your new home will ultimately determine how much energy you will use.
By positioning the living spaces to take in the northern sunlight, the home will have less need for artificial warmth and cooling systems and you will therefore save on heating and cooling bills.

Skylights and windows
Skylights disperse light from above, therefore getting rid of rising hot air.
This can be an effective way of maximising natural light in the home. Putting in double glazed windows is another great way to ensure heat is kept out in summer and warmth is kept in during winter as a large proportion of a home’s heating and cooling can be lost through its windows.

Quality insulation ensures the thermal comfort of the home. It acts as a barrier against heat entering the home in summer and warmth escaping the home in winter.

Choosing energy efficient appliances in your new home is a great way to save on your energy bills, especially with large appliances like your fridge, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher.
Consider turning some appliances off at the wall if you can or position them correctly.
For example, placing your fridge next to a warm appliance like your oven will draw more power because the fridge will be working harder to stay cool.

Solar power
Harnessing solar power is one of the best ways to reduce Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels.
Fitting a home with solar panels is also a great way to reduce energy bills in
the home.
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