I am writing in responded to your article on Wonthaggi Cemetery from July 21, ‘Wonthaggi cemetery fees set to double’.
Even the simplest of services charged at $35 will now rise to $75.
The fact is, no cemetery trust charges for a general enquiry as to whether a family member is buried/cremated and recorded in their trust registers.
No privacy information can be issued to the enquirer, but details of a burial and plot location are available free as burial registers are public information.
This is a well-known fact – just check the internet – Springvale Cemetery, Fawkner, Inverloch Cemetery, as well as many other cemeteries, all have their burial registers recorded and displayed on the internet for the public to view.
I am dismayed that the council has been charging $35 upon a search.
The records are so incomplete with burial details it is unbelievable.
I am very annoyed about these charges, because over the years I have helped the council with the burial register, supplying corrections of various sources etc and only recently as two weeks ago I received a call from the office of the cemetery section with a view to speak to me over the burial register.
I have never thought of charging the council for the many hours I have spent in updating their San Remo and Wonthaggi Burial Registers, but I might now!
I have been researching cemeteries of South Gippsland for 26+ years and when I have received an enquiry, the information is freely given and if I have photographed that cemetery, I also supply a copy of the headstone photo/s and any other general information that I have on that grave/burial.
No privacy information is released.
Noelene Lyons, Inverloch Cemetery Trustee, Wonthaggi.