In 2014, the Wonthaggi Urban Landcare Group received a State Government ‘Communities for Nature’ grant of $46,000.
The project, ‘At the Coalface’, has made possible, for the first time, a comprehensive weed control program at more than 50 sites around Wonthaggi.
The Bass Coast Landcare Network was engaged to administer the project.
The person responsible for conceiving this project, arranging for detailed weed assessments to be made at 55 sites, preparing the grant application and organising weed control works was the former Pest Plant and Animal Control Officer at BCLN.
Plans were being drawn up for Stage 2 of the project as, clearly, years of weed build up can’t be fixed ‘overnight’.
The question can reasonably be asked then, why his position at BCLN has been made redundant.
Surely one of the essential roles of the BCLN is to support farmers, other landholders and community groups manage pest plants and animals. What are the priorities of the BCLN if not this important work?
Aileen Vening, Wonthaggi.