WITH its unique suspension system and state-of-the-art cutter bars, CLAAS Disco Contour series mowers can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent while achieving a cleaner cut and less wear-and-tear.
CLAAS Harvest Centre South Gippsland principal Anthony Blackshaw said CLAAS’ ‘active float’ technology suspends the mowing unit from its mid-point, achieving perfect balance.
“In effect, the system allows the mower to ‘hover’ above the pasture in rough or wet conditions without damaging the mower or contaminating cut fodder with foreign material,” he said.
“If the ground conditions become smoother and higher forward speeds are possible, then the mower may be set with higher ground pressure to allow cleaner and more accurate ground contour following.
“What we are aiming for is minimal ground pressure under all mowing conditions.
“This will give us cleaner, more efficient and economical mowing while increasing the longevity of the mower investment.”
The hydraulically adjustable flotation system can be simply adjusted from the cab via a hydraulic lever as ground conditions change.
The selected pressure setting can be monitored from the cab via an easy-to-read pressure gauge located on the mower.
Independent European tests have found ‘active float’ technology can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20 per cent and reduce foreign material in fodder by up to 16 per cent.
“In mowing situations where lighter crops are encountered, the PTO speed can be reduced to 850rpm without any reduction in mowing quality, even over rough terrain,” Anthony said.
“This is only possible with the design of the ‘P-cut’ mower-bar with its heavy duty construction, industry-leading blade tip speed and self-cleaning wear skid profile, which all adds to cleaner, more effective mowing.”
Anthony said the new range has been a hit with producers and contractors alike.
“The engineers at CLAAS Germany have really done their homework in designing these mowers.
“The design, construction and functionality of this mower really is superb.
“It’s all about efficiency, reliability and ease of use.
“The bottom line is a cleaner, faster and more efficient cut with improved ease of use and reduced maintenance.”
CLAAS Disco Contour mowers also incorporate a shaft-driven driveline that eliminates the need for V-belts, further enhancing ease of servicing.
The mowers incorporate a ‘break back’ safety system that allows the mower to pivot backwards and upwards if an obstacle is encountered.
“The centre pivot arm is mounted at 15 degrees, allowing the mower to swing backwards and upwards if it hits an obstruction,” Anthony said.
“In addition, each disc incorporates a ‘safety link’ system designed to protect the gear-driven cutter bar if foreign obstacles are encountered.”
Maintenance is a breeze thanks to CLAAS’ quick knife change system.
“Bolted blades are a thing of the past,” Anthony said.
“The blades can be changed in a matter of seconds with the aid of one simple lever that is conveniently located on the machine.
“There is no chance of losing pins and clips as the knife retaining pins are attached to a spring plate located under each disc.
“A weatherproof blade box provides convenient storage for replacement blades.”
CLAAS Disco Contour has also vastly improved transport folding over conventional mowers.
“The new diagonal folding design achieves even weight distribution over the three point linkage while reducing transport height and greatly improving visibility,” he said.
CLAAS is internationally recognised as the leader in fodder harvesting technology, manufacturing 40 different models of rear-mounted, front-mounted and trailed mowers spanning from 2.5 to 12 metres.
For more information on the CLAAS Disco Contour ‘floating mower’ or any CLAAS products, contact CLAAS Harvest Centre South Gippsland, in the Leongatha Industrial Estate, or see advert this issue.