DAVID Phelan doesn’t mind a round of golf every now and then.
And he’d also like to take a holiday once in a while.
But when it comes to looking after his clients, especially those clients who have stayed with him over the years; holidays, golf, even football and the other trimmings of life often get put on hold.
And that’s the motivation in joining forces with a younger man, Simon Henderson, and forming a new-look company called Phelan, Henderson and Company Pty Ltd.
“Look, Phelan isn’t getting any younger and I’ve got a lot of good, old established clients that have been very loyal to me and me to them over many years.
“I’m not going anywhere, I can assure you, but we saw the opportunity for Phelan and Co to go forward into the future by joining forces with Simon. And that’s what we’ve done,” Mr Phelan said this week.
Simon Henderson is acknowledged as one of the very best auctioneers in Gippsland nowadays but 21 years ago he went through from Victoria as the state’s best young auctioneer and won the National Junior Auctioneer’s title.
“The next year he went on to represent Australia at the Calgary Stampede.
“He’s now established himself in the industry and he’ll be a great asset to us also to the clients,” he said.
“Sarah has come home after working for 10 years on a feedlot in NSW.
“She was responsible for the animal health of 48,000 head of stock and a staff of up to 15 people.
“She’s very good in all areas of livestock handling and places a particular emphasis on animal health, And what’s more, she can drive a computer up hill and down dale.
“I’ve had to get good at that myself but it’s the younger generation that can really make them go.
“Sarah started out with us 12 years ago and she’s back now and she’s the one who’ll be booking the cattle in to be sold.
“If Phelan wants to go away for a couple of weeks, I can be confident that Sarah and Simon will be able to handle everything really well.
David Phelan has spent more time in the stock industry locally than he cares to remember.
“I started out at Australian Estates in Yarram on 1/1/1977 but I’d spent two years working in Bairnsdale before that.
“And we just celebrated 25 years as Phelan and Co last April.”
The new firm kicked off on Monday this week and plan to serve the industry from Lang Lang to Yarram and everywhere in between.
So will they be setting up a string of offices as part of the change. No.
“In today’s modern world you don’t need an office. With electronic banking, emails, mobile phones and all the rest; your office is with you wherever you go.”
Phelan and Co has had an office at Leongatha VLE and will continue to use that and they also have their office in Yarram but with Simon Henderson located in Inverloch, they definitely expect to expand further into South Gipopsland.
On the face of it, the stock and station industry appears to be a stable, long-established, traditional sector but the reality is that there are moves and changes going on all the time and this one is simply the latest.
Time will tell if David plays more golf and actually gets away for that long-awaited holiday!