Open letter to the management of Dairy Australia.
I am writing in regard to CSG and on shore gas mining in Victoria.
I was so disappointed to hear Dairy Australia’s response to unconventional gas exploration as seen on the segment on WIN News last week where our DA rep stated that they didn’t have any objections to mining in Victoria.
What on earth do they take our money for?
This is one issue where they could truly help dairy farmers in Victoria and they have completely failed us.
I severely object to CSG and shale and tight gas mining anywhere in Victoria on the grounds of retaining our environment at least in its current state.
But, more so, as a land holder and an organic dairy farmer, to retain the environment in its current state is not enough.
As an industry, a community and as people with children and grandchildren, we need to be working toward improving our environmental practices for future generations, not just in the short term.
We need to look well beyond our own existence and be thinking of one to two hundred years into the future.
In that time, the value of not only agriculture but other industries like tourism is hard to imagine. How much will it be worth if it’s not ruined by onshore gas mining.
I realise that onshore gas mining will put money into the pockets of government and mining companies and shareholders, but the negative impact on the community and most importantly, the environment will be detrimental to the people that live here.
I don’t believe that mining gas is going to enhance our state or improve our environment in any way, shape or form.
If you are not aware of objections to CSG and other mining in Victoria, I suggest that you tune into social media, newspapers, local television stations and radios to the areas in question, where you will hear a flood of objections from farmers and landholders such as me that will continue to fight for our environmental and agricultural protection.
I would like to know how a company that takes compulsory levies from our income can be so far off the mark.
This is one issue where they could truly help dairy farmers in Victoria and you have completely failed us.
David Joyce, Roosendaal Farm, Outtrim.