A GROWING milk supply and the expansion by Burra Foods into the burgeoning markets of Asia have delivered a welcome dividend, not only to Burra’s suppliers, but also to the economy of Korumburra and district.
In the past 12 months that has extended to the recruitment of over 40 additional staff, including 30 newly created positions and the company is predicting an additional 15 new jobs will be created during the next year.
The company has also created a new full-time trainee position as part of its decade-long support of Korumburra Secondary College.
And for the last four months, 17 year-old Jeremy Aitken has been the recipient of that opportunity.
Since he started in March, he has been progressively working in various departments at Burra Foods with the aim of expanding his knowledge of the future career opportunities open to him.
According to Korumburra Secondary College Principal, Abigail Graham, partnerships with local businesses such as Burra are an invaluable means of improving student’s engagement with learning.
“Broadening students’ outlook on the variety of careers available to them and helping them see the purpose of learning is a fabulous outcome of any work-based placement for our students,” Ms Graham says.
“And it really is a two-way street as our students offer a fresh new perspective at solving the problems and challenges facing businesses.
“Young people have fantastic, innovative ideas that can really disrupt how an organisation tackles an existing issue or chases a new opportunity.
“And for the students themselves, Burra is providing them a unique experience that will broaden their outlook and increase the value they place in learning new skills and acquiring more knowledge,” Ms Graham added.

Working well
Burra trainee, Jeremy, says he absolutely loves his role at Burra.
“It’s a great place to work, and the people are really supportive. To date I have worked in the frozen packing area, the drier and in maintenance.”
Jeremy says that he hopes to be offered a permanent position at Burra at the end of his traineeship, but it is too early to tell which area of the business he would like to pursue as a future career.
Burra Foods is also currently supporting three other students with workplace experience as part of their VCAL requirements.