THE Bunurong Coastal Road between Wonthaggi and Inverloch via Cape Paterson has been labelled ‘dangerous’ by avid cyclist Rod McGregor.
Recent efforts to patch up pot holes between Cape Paterson and Wonthaggi have caused headaches for cyclists, with contractors failing to sweep excess rubble from the sides of the road, providing a hazard for cyclists.
Mr McGregor said the issue is due to a lack of funding for VicRoads in the area.
“They accept the lowest tender for their contracts so that means the contractors have got to get in and get out as quick as they can, otherwise they’re not making any money,” he said.
“I’m sure it’s in their specification that they’ve got to sweep it up but they don’t police it and they haven’t got the resources to police the contracts. It’s a lack of financial and human resources.
“They have to accept the lowest price and it’s the same old story – you get what you pay for.
“The government needs to flick a whole lot more money for maintenance in South Gippsland, not just the South Gippsland Highway, because it appears that’s where all the money goes.
“All you read about in the paper is that they’re upgrading this section of the South Gippsland Highway – we get bugger all down here. It’s just routine maintenance that’s not being done and I put it down to lack of funds forcing acceptance of sub-quality work.”
Mr McGregor has sent numerous letters to VicRoads and the State Government, with mixed results.
His most recent letter explained details of a slip failure of the road verge, which has caused a severe dip in the bitumen on the Cape Paterson Road from Wonthaggi near Wilsons Road.
This presents a very dangerous situation, particularly to buses and trucks.
Mr McGregor has strongly urged VicRoads to fix this particular issue.
“There are several school buses and V/Line buses that are travelling along this road – even an unsuspecting motorist at the wheel of a 4WD could come to grief here,” he said.
Cracks and potholes along these roads are a common occurrence, as cyclists and drivers navigate through their journey.
Don Turner rides the tourist road three to four times per year with the Phillip Island Bicycle User Group and said he’s never seen the roads this bad for cyclists.
“Between Inverloch and Cape Paterson we’ve got a designated tourist road and lots of people come down with bikes to ride it and it’s not a good look for tourism,” he said.