As a Surf Parade Inverloch resident since 1970, the so called ‘Traffic calming devices’ are a huge joke.
To date I have given way and others have also but there are those who find it a ‘race and challenge’.
Goodness only knows what the spring and summer will bring with the massive increase in traffic.
This is an issue but what is a much bigger issue is the depletion of small business in our country towns owing to the big supermarket chains who seem determined to have the whole of small and medium business to themselves – butchers, bakers, fishmongers, fruit and veg shops, not to mention the demise of the great conveniences of the past ‘Milk Bars’.
I support small business as much as possible preferring the strip type shopping to any other, or main street and surround shopping in country towns.
Inverloch has a main street butcher who has a shop very well presented, spotless and with innovative products available – a bright eyed and friendly apprentice with extra staff during the busy times.
I have no reason to write this letter other than to encourage our locals to shop locally and to support small business, for in the long run, all competition is gradually being stifled by the supermarkets and, by golly, we will be the worse for this.
It amuses me so much when I over hear people in supermarkets say “Have we spent $30 yet?” Every one of us pays for the higher shelf prices to subsidise petrol stations whether we drive or not! For me, they can “stick” their “little red spots”.
Yes, I was talking to the ultra-concerned owner of a small business in the main street last week regarding his sign in the window, and yes, I know he has been struggling for some time to compete against the might and power of the supermarket chains, but this is a heartfelt plea to all who read this letter to consider the long term over the short and help our communities in Inverloch, Wonthaggi and Leongatha.
Our towns need their local small to medium businesses to survive, otherwise all we will see, as is so often now, empty, dark, sad looking shops and streetscapes, and lack of opportunity for kids like the butcher’s young apprentice for whom the owner just wanted in his words to “Give the kid a go”.
A Forrester, Inverloch.