A happy angler at Pensioners Corner with salmon he caught at low water.

A happy angler at Pensioners Corner with salmon he caught at low water.

THE burst of bad weather meant most boats were kept in the sheds but before the big blow there was plenty of action.
They might not have caught any fish but for one crew the conditions were great with virtually flat calm water.
The crew was on their way back approaching the bridge at San Remo when they saw a small aeroplane approaching.
First it was a fair way off and flying very low which would have attracted attention especially as it landed on the water and proceeded to drift under the bridge, which was a short distance away.
This was much to the surprise of the boat crew who managed to take a few photographs.
After a short stay the plane took off and proceeded to travel out over the open ocean and out of sight.
There was no drama according to the surprised boat crew but they certainly had something to talk about for a while.

The Corinella Boating and Angling Club held their presentation evening at the Corinella Bowls Club with approximately 40 members in attendance.
President Bob Ricketts thanked the club for holding the event.
Among the successful trophy winners was junior champion Brian Kelson with a 770gm silver trevally.
At the time of this publication there were no further particulars available but there will be a more detailed report next week.

Surf: Baxters Beach continues to make the 20 minute trek through the sand dunes worth the effort.
John Dennison and a visiting mate decided to try their luck through the week in the cold but not windy conditions and managed five very ice salmon that were to the 1.5kg mark.
John said there was a few others trying their luck who were also enjoying themselves with most catching fish.
Whitebait and surf poppers seem to be the best of the presentations.
Williamsons Beach has also been fairly popular with good size salmon making up most bags.
Venus Bay is also going along quite alright as has been the case for some time where all five beaches seem to be producing good numbers of salmon that have been to the 2kg mark.
The best results have been on the run in tide and things seem to improve greatly if this occurs late in the afternoon going into darkness.
This is when fish will move in closer to shore as will other varieties such as flathead and gummy sharks.

Inverloch: Through the week there were good numbers of salmon being bagged along the local beaches such as Pensioners Corner where they have been to the 1.5kg mark.
Silvers have also been in good numbers further up towards the bowls club where fish to 800gms have been making anglers happy.
A few smallish flathead have been caught as well as mullet with best results being on both sides of the low tide.
There have not been any reports as far as Mahers Landing is concerned where there is usually plenty of activity.

Tarwin: Land-based anglers and boaters are still doing fairly well on bream, silvers, mullet and for those who like them, eels.
Bass yabbies, worms and clickers have been very successful baits and soft plastic lures have been accounting for good numbers of bream where the best results have been on the run off tide.

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties are providing a mixed bag of fish, taking prawn, worm and cut pilchard. Give Barrier Landing, Bullock Island and the North Arm a try.
Offshore is good for pinkies and morwong, taking pilchards and squid.
The surf is worth a try for salmon on pilchards and poppers. Also give silver lures a go.

Lake Tyers: Blackfellows Arm and up to Pile Bay for bream, lures such as small minnows fished around snags and structures are best.
In deep water, around the Nowa Nowa Arm and up to Trident Arm have bream in good numbers. Prawn is the preferred bait.
Surf for salmon on silver lures, poppers and pilchard.

Mitchell River: Grassy Banks, The Bluff and down to Two Bells are best spot for bream. Bait of choice being vibes, cut crab, spider crab and soft plastics.

Tambo River: From Rough Road to Punthouse Point boat ramp, down to the river mouth and the snags for bream. Best results on worm and prawn.

Nicholson: From the highway bridge, the angling club and down to Thumb Point are the best spots for bream. Preferred bait being live or peeled prawn.

Metung: Early morning to see dolphins and seals.
Fishing from a boat around Bancroft Bay for bream and mullet; best bait being worm, shrimp and peeled prawn.
Town jetties, Box’s and Chinamen’s Creeks for bream on spider crab and prawn.

Paynesville: The Straits, town jetties, Fisherman’s Wharf and Progress Jetty have plenty of mullet. Bait of choice being worm.
Bream are about Raymond Island ferry jetties, best bait is prawn.

Holland’s Landing: The wood pile, Medusa and Griffins Points are good spots for bream. Best bait being worm and prawn.

Marlo: Water levels are slowly dropping. Try the Slips and French’s Narrow for bream and luderick. Bait preference being black crab and prawn.
Surf for salmon on pilchards and poppers.
Offshore has flathead and gummies, taking squid and pilchards.

Bemm River: The Main Lake for good bream, bait of choice being cured sand worm and fresh sandworm.
Surf for salmon, best bait being pilchard and poppers.

Tamboon Inlet: Pelican, Old Man Point and the camp site and around the shallow lagoon for bream, mullet and luderick, taking prawn and sandworm as preferred bait.
Try the surf for salmon on pilchards and poppers.
Mallacoota: Fishing is a bit quiet but the Warragul Angling Club had a competition at Mallacoota, in which the Top Lake produced some bream, using lures and prawn.
Some trevally are about taking blue bait and prawn.
The incoming tide is producing salmon on silver lures.
There are some luderick about, taking peeled prawn.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 0401 199 223 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au Good luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IT’S been a bit of a struggle putting a report together this week with very few people fishing and the weather not the best.
It’s no different at the moment than most years for these couple of months with good patches during the week.
Those catching fish this time of the year are generally locals lucky enough to be able to just drop everything and go fishing when the conditions are right.
We did have a couple of day’s worth getting the fishing rods out and with very little cloud and a bit of sun you get an idea of the days getting longer.
Before we know it headlights to drive to or from work will be a thing of the past and Christmas will be just around the corner.
Now is the time to get all your maintenance done so come the fishing season you are ready to go and not sitting around waiting for your boat to be serviced or rods and reels repaired.
Salmon make up almost all the land based reports and finally they seem to be heading into the beaches at Woolamai with more consistency.
There were some good numbers caught at Anzacs during the week but while they might be coming to the beach more often there is no consistency as to when is the best time.
The salmon are only average in size with the best ones not much bigger than 1kg and most closer to 600 grams but when the numbers are better it makes up for not getting bigger ones.
I did get reports from Kilcunda much the same and some very good reports from Inverloch.
Many of the fish were caught on lures with blue bait the best bait but if you are using bait, especially at Woolamai you will need some bait cotton and surf poppers because there are plenty of crabs pinching baits.
Boating didn’t produce much this week but I guess when only a handful of boats headed out for the week not a lot was going to be reported anyway.
There were a couple of customers having a look for a whiting or two but didn’t have a lot of luck only finding a couple.
Couta and pike made up the majority of reports from the boats.
For the last couple of weeks most of the couta reports have come from Cleeland Bight and this week wasn’t a lot different except there was a couple of reports from the main channel above the bridge.
I did hear of a couple of good size pinkies being caught off Cowes but I wasn’t given a lot of details other than the customer who told me said looking at them they looked like new fish with plenty of spots.
A few customers reported calamari this week from boats and land based but as they said the calamari were few and far between and small so most ended up in the freezer as bait ready for the upcoming season.