On July 7, you editorialised on the risk of South Gippsland, and in particular Korumburra, running short of water if we enter a new dry period.
You refer to “years of inaction” in resolving the problem of depending on small annual fill storages which are becoming less reliable as the region becomes drier and town populations increase.
As you also point out, the local water corporation, South Gippsland Water, has developed a plan which would resolve issues of water shortage for its northern towns.
This would involve connecting its northern towns to the Lance Creek system, which can now be connected to the Melbourne water grid.
Over many years SGW has considered a wide range of options for securing all its reticulated areas from drought, including those you mention in your editorial.
After exhaustive study, including numerous expert reports, the corporation concluded the Melbourne grid plan was the only option which would protect our towns from the vagaries of climate change whilst allowing the region to continue to grow.
State governments have so far been unresponsive to requests to help fund the $22 million pipeline which would climate proof South Gippsland.
A concerted campaign is going to be required, with media and the general population working with SGW to secure what is, in the scheme of things, a quite modest outlay for a very large community good.
Noel Maud, Wonthaggi.