BASS MP Brian Paynter has thrown his support behind the campaign for improved bus shelter facilities in Wonthaggi.
A petition to move the VLine bus stop back from Biggs Drive to Watt Street has already gathered 800 signatures in just three weeks.
Mr Paynter said he will ask for the VLine stop to be reinstated at Watt Street.
He will also follow up on a letter he sent to Public Transport Victoria on July 3 which asked to fix the inadequate bus shelter at Biggs Drive.
Campaigners Isabell Parker and Yvonne McRae are pleased with the response to the petition.
“People have been coming up to us and saying ‘can we sign it please?’” Isabell said.
“We’re going to keep pushing it. Please sign the petition if you want to see changes made.”
The petitions are available to sign at the Cape Paterson Store, Wonthaggi BP, Raneye Systems, Wonthaggi Newsagency and the State Coal Mine.