WITH seven models spanning 140hp (103 kW) to 184hp (129 kW), Claas Arion 600/500 boasts an impressive array of technology, comfort and user-friendliness normally only found in high-horsepower tractors.
The new series comprises four six-cylinder models (158 to 184hp) and three four-cylinder models (145 to 165hp).
The DPS engines feature four-valve technology, common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbocharger and intercooling.
Both engines incorporate diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology to meet Stage IIIb (Tier 4i) emissions standards, eliminating the need for AdBlue.
Other innovations include Vistronic electronic fan control system, which enables precise control of the fan and reduced noise, power requirements and fuel consumption.
Arion 600/500 can be specified with the proven 24/24 Claas Hexashift powershift transmission with Revershift clutchless reverser, or more recently, CMatic continuously variable transmission.
The Arion 600/500 is the only mid-range tractor that comes with an adjustable four-point cab-suspension as standard.
This is complimented by the spacious, high visibility ergonomically-designed cabins, which incorporate fully-adjustable steering columns, air-suspended seats and integrated armrest/control panels.
All models are equipped with the Claas Information System (CIS) and mechanical spool valves as standard.
Alternatively, they can be specified with the Claas Electronic onBoard Information System (CEBIS) found on Claas’ high horsepower tractors and harvesting platforms.
A variety of features and equipment are available ex-factory.
These include front-end loader, half-frame, front linkages, front suspension and a range of front and rear ballasting options and a broad range of tyres for optimum stability and traction in every application.
Arion’s relatively long wheelbase yet short overall length and tight turning circle means they are extremely manoeuvrable for their size.
Likewise, the equal weight distribution over the front and rear axles ensures optimum stability and tractive power.
ARION 600/500 has been developed in accordance with the Claas Power Systems (CPS) philosophy.
CPS aims to incorporate the world’s best technology with Claas’ own expertise in drive train management to deliver the best outcome possible in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability.
For more information on the Arion range, or Claas’ technology, contact Anthony Blackshaw and the team at the Claas Harvest Centre South Gippsland in the Leongatha industrial estate, or see advert this issue for more.