I rarely feel the need to write letters to the editor, nor do I believe councillors should need to.
Crs McEwen and Hill’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ last week has certainly raised my level of exasperation and has compelled me to reply.
The Notice of Motion that Cr McEwen requested to be heard as urgent business was once again poorly worded and nonsensical.
The submission date has closed to the interim report and requesting community consultation this month to make comment on a review that will be released September 1; sorry, it’s too late, our position has already been made to the review.
The assumptions that they express in their letter is mischievous in its intent.
Cr Hill and McEwen appear to be in re-election mode.
Councillors need to recognise and respect the decision of council.
Once the collective makes a decision, councillors need to stand by that decision.
A successful council is a council that works together for the good of its ratepayers, not themselves.
Cr Lorraine Brunt, Strzelecki Ward South Gippsland Shire Council.