I am moved to write after yet another instance of mindless vandalism by motor cycle hoons on the rail trail at South Dudley.
The trail and access track from Station Street South Dudley were damaged by motor cycle riders on Saturday afternoon, August 15.
The offenders live in South Dudley and their addresses have been given to police and council rangers on several occasions by fed up South Dudley residents.
One elderly resident whose property shares a back lane with the offenders was threatened with being assaulted when she had the courage to complain directly to the offenders.
They ride at a particular time on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon on non-consecutive weekends which has also been passed on to police and council.
They travel at high speed causing their motor cycles to lose traction, spinning the rear wheels which cuts up the gravel on the track and damages the surface.
My concern is that on the weekend the trail is used by families, the elderly, bike and horse riders, any of which could be hit and severely injured as a result of the offenders’ total disregard for the regulations and the law.
Their motor cycles are unregistered. I would doubt if they are licensed, they ride on public roads and laneways to reach the rail trail.
The sound of their motor cycles can be heard in Wonthaggi, so if you know where they live wouldn’t it be simple to have someone in authority waiting at their home address on hearing the hoons in action.
Something has to be done before we have a preventable tragedy on our door step.
These hoons think they are above the Law and think they can’t be caught and brought to account … Will somebody prove to the law abiding residents of South Dudley and myself that they are wrong …
Gil Dawson, Wonthaggi.