Saw your article re: mountain biking (MTB) at The Gurdies.
This facility should be in Wonthaggi where we have existing infrastructure and facilities to support what will become a major tourist attraction.
We have large areas of country between the State Coal Mine, windfarms and desal plant which can be utilised.
We have shops, accommodation and other tourist attractions (and a hospital!) in the area as well as bike shop service and sales support.
The mine is already established as a tourist attraction with parking and toilets etc. so that a MTB track can be an added attraction.
There are no facilities or infrastructure near The Gurdies to support any tourism activities.
We could build a race circuit and family rides to further afield as well as a novice track for kids and beginners.
Look up Derby, Tasmania where they have an MTB circuit.
This was recently featured on ABC TV and it has transformed the town and all of the businesses with it.
Off road cycle tourism is increasing and local riders have to go to Lysterfield and beyond.
Why let them spend money elsewhere?
Mr Tim Smith has carried out a great deal of work on this already but it needs to be close to Wonthaggi.
We can attract riders from all over South Gippsland and further afield and this activity complements other tourist activities.
Bass Coast Shire Council may say there is a lack of money, but what is needed is the intent. Funding will follow.
There may be some who object to the development of the mine area, but Wonthaggi must not be locked in the past.
We must look to the future if Wonthaggi is to grow and provide jobs for the future.
Cycling is healthy and sustainable and a growing industry.
Ken Barnes, Wonthaggi.