Inverloch-Kongwak defender Kelsey Buxton lobs a ball up court in the A Grade First Elimination Final against Foster at Alberton West on Saturday. Rg433415

Inverloch-Kongwak defender Kelsey Buxton lobs a ball up court in the A Grade First Elimination Final against Foster at Alberton West on Saturday. Rg433415

Saturday, August 22 at Alberton West

Under 13s: Korumburra-Bena 26 d Fish Creek 19.
A confident start by the Korumburra-Bena girls. Fish Creek fought back, and scores were level at quarter time.
Fish Creek took an early lead in the second and settled thanks to beautiful shooting by GA Lauren Gale.
Korumburra-Bena appeared to come out a lot more confident after the break and got off to a strong start in the fourth with some early unanswered goals, taking the lead.

The Korumburra-Bena Giants goal defence in the Under 15s finals match against Foster, Ellie Holmes, looks to drive the ball down the court. m113415

The Korumburra-Bena Giants goal defence in the Under 15s finals match against Foster, Ellie Holmes, looks to drive the ball down the court. m113415

Under 15s: Phillip Island 23 lt Tarwin 27.
An even start, nerves were evident by both teams, making costly errors.
In the second quarter, Tarwin came out firing and quickly took a two goal lead.
The Island in the third quarter clawed their way back to reduce the margin to three at three quarter time.
The crowd involvement really came back into the game, but Tarwin were able to come away with the win.

Under 17s: Phillip Island 32 lt MDU 38.
A well contested start to the game going goal for goal. MDU had a clear height advantage right down the court.
MDU appeared to have the game under control getting up by seven midway through the third, but some accuracy that had been lacking by PI GA Chloe Kalis returned to have them down by four at three quarter time.
A very physical game all day, PI GK, Sophie Hollyoake did not give up until the final whistle.

C Grade: Toora 24 lt MDU 26.
A scrappy start to the game, high lobs created a lot of contesting and turnovers.
Great circle work by Toora goalers, Rebecca Shanks and Jade Shoobert, and they had plenty of pressure applied to them by the MDU wdefenders.
Both teams came out in the fourth wanting the win, it was goal for goal and MDU held on.

B Grade: Dalyston 46 d MDU 30.
Dalyston came out strong and got off to an early lead, but MDU soon settled with some nice feeds in the ring.
A steady start by both sides in the second, a few footwork errors from MDU which gave Dalyston the ball.
The game continued in the third quarter as it went in the first half.
In the fourth, MDU worked hard, but lacked consistency and Dalyston came away with a strong win.

A Grade: Foster 52 d Inverloch Kongwak 28.
Foster appeared to be rattled in the first quarter, but the Tigers came to play in the second quarter, and shot a bagful of unanswered goals.
Foster came to life in the third, and IK didn’t seem to have the answers.

Sunday, August 23 at Foster

Under 13s: Phillip Island 36 d Toora 13.
Phillip Island got off to an early lead. There were some impressive intercepts by Toora C Taylah Buckley.
Phillip Island continued to dominate in the second.
Phillip Island extended their lead in the third. Toora had some great passages of play, but just couldn’t finish off.

Under 15s: Foster 33 d Korumburra Bena 19.
Foster settled first and moved the ball with a lot more ease into their attacking end than their opponents.
Foster came out strong in the second and increased their lead thanks to some impressive intercepts by GD Jade Mclean.
Korumburra appeared rattled and Foster didn’t allow them to get into any sort of rhythm.

Under 17s: Fish Creek 29 d Foster 14.
A slow start by both teams in this game, the sides were hesitant and indecisive in their decision making on court.
Fish Creek’s accuracy was just a little more on point, giving them the lead.

C Grade: Inverloch Kongwak 47 d Stony Creek 19.
A competitive start to the game with multiple turnovers from both teams. A couple of early misses, and Stony Creek’s confidence appeared to have gone missing.
A change to the IK line-up in the last quarter kept them just as strong and they finished off convincing winners.

B Grade: Toora 44 lt Foster 46.
Toora started the game strong and their intentions were clear.
Foster fought back to take the lead for the first time in the game at three quarter time.
Some wayward passes by Toora, late in the quarter let them down and Foster hung on for the win.

A Grade: Fish Creek 61 d Toora 36.
Fish Creek got the first break and the game was full of intensity.
Fish Creek came out firing in the third to really take control of the game.
A couple of late changes to the Fish Creek line up, and they continued to advance with a great win.


Netball is following a final six series – netball finals will be held at Longwarry on Saturday for positions 3 v 6; and at Buln Buln on Sunday for positions 4 v 5.
Results . . .
A Grade: Poowong 34 d Catani 27, Nyora 26 lt Koo Wee Rup 60.
B Grade: Poowong 67 d Catani 30, Nyora 17 lt Koo Wee Rup 62.
C Grade: Poowong 27 lt Catani 30, Nyora 17 lt Koo Wee Rup 50.
D Grade: Poowong 19 lt Catani 53, Nyora 30 lt Koo Wee Rup 42.
E Grade: Poowong 30 d Catani 8, Nyora 25 d Koo Wee Rup 20.
F Grade: Poowong 31 d Catani 17, Nyora 24 d Koo Wee Rup 23.


A Grade: Morwell 37 lt Traralgon 49, Drouin 53 d Leongatha 50, Bairnsdale 45 lt Wonthaggi Power 66, Maffra 54 d Warragul 23, Sale 37 d Moe 32.
B Grade: Morwell 35 lt Traralgon 59, Drouin 46 d Leongatha 39, Bairnsdale 33 lt Wonthaggi Power 53, Maffra 55 d Warragul 36, Sale 35 drew Moe 35.
C Grade: Morwell 26 lt Traralgon 29, Drouin 23 lt Leongatha 41, Bairnsdale 37 d Wonthaggi Power 27, Maffra 27 d Warragul 18, Sale 39 drew Moe 39.
U17: Morwell 18 lt Traralgon 30, Drouin 30 d Leongatha 19, Bairnsdale 39 lt Wonthaggi Power 40, Maffra 36 d Warragul 19, Sale 39 d Moe 38.
U15: Morwell 20 lt Traralgon 40, Drouin 47 d Leongatha 13, Bairnsdale 24 lt Wonthaggi Power 35, Maffra 59 d Warragul 10, Sale 44 d Moe 29.
U13: Morwell 6 lt Traralgon 30, Drouin 27 lt Leongatha 35, Bairnsdale 25 lt Wonthaggi Power 38, Maffra 55 d Warragul 9, Sale 67 d Moe 11.


U13: Leongatha 35 d Drouin 27. Awards: Ella Lyons, Molly Kent. Tough game, came out with a win but didn’t play as good as we’re able to. Let’s play better next week.
U15: Leongatha 13 lt Drouin 47. Awards: Brooke Materia, Evie Dekker. A rough and tough game. Awesome job keeping our heads up. Last training and game next week, let’s bring our ‘A’ game!
U17: Leongatha 19 lt Drouin 30. Awards: Kristy O’Loughlin, Koby Dennison. Get around Kristy, great game all round, playing solo in the ring. Girls showed strength from one end of the court to the other. Another great improvement by the girls, pushing through a tough game. Good luck next week.
C Grade: Leongatha 41 d Drouin 23. Awards: Elise Dowling, Carly McNamara, Elise Dowling. Great game on a beautiful day. Return to better form as the season closes.
B Grade: Leongatha 39 lt Drouin 46. Awards: Maddie Kerr, Maddie Kerr. Tough game for us. Simple mistakes on our own behalf saw us get behind. Definitely all little mistakes, easily fixed.
A Grade: Leongatha 50 lt Drouin 53. Awards: Courtney Lever, Nicola Marriott, Meg Rosser. Competitive game for four quarters with only a couple of goals in it throughout. Good effort across the court. Let’s bring this into next week.


Preliminary final results . . .
13&U: Mirboo North Purple 11 d Meeniyan & District 7.
15&U: Mirboo North Purple 22 d Mt Eccles Mystics 19.
17&U/C Grade: Mirboo North Purple 63 d Town Black 22.
Open: Town Green 43 d St Laurence Maroon 29.
Grand final draw – Saturday, August 29 . . .
13&U: Mirboo North Gold v Mirboo North Purple, 11am, crt 5. Scorers: Jane Wright and Meeniyan & District.
15&U: Parrots v Mirboo North Purple, 12 noon, crt5. Scorers: Julia Lomas and Sue Ritchie.
U17/C Grade: Meeniyan & District v Mirboo North Purple, 1pm, crt 5. Scorers: Pat Kuhne and Maria Evison.
Open: St Laurence Gold v Town Green, 2.15pm, crt 5. Scorers: Anita Gourlay and Sue Ritchie.


13 and Under: Wonthaggi 38 d Bairnsdale 25.
Awards: Saffie Lindsay, Bella Anderson and Chelsea Bowman.
The game was played at an extremely high standard. The whole team is always very encouraging and never puts down a player and all players gave it their best in hot conditions. Looking forward to the last game against Maffra.
15 and Under: Wonthaggi 35 d Bairnsdale 24.
Awards: Kate Shannon and Ava Scapin.
All the girls had another great game on the weekend, everyone playing strong. Tough first half but Power worked hard in the second half to bring it back and win by 11.
17 and under: Wonthaggi 40 d Bairnsdale 39.
No report.
C Grade: Bairnsdale 37 d Wonthaggi 27.
Awards: Zoe King and Cassi Sartori.
It was a hard slog today. Time to regroup and look to Maffra and finals. Special thanks to Jess Tiziani and Elise De Santis for coming on and doing well.
B Grade: Wonthaggi 53 d Bairnsdale 33.
Great team building game. Power needed to settle and play its own game which the girls were able to do. The weather conditions were warm but the Power girls adjusted well to record a much-needed win.
A Grade: Wonthaggi 66 d Bairnsdale 45.
No report.