DO YOU have some ideas to share about how to keep young people from being involved in road accidents?
The ‘Safe Smart Young Driver’ program wants to hear from you.
Young drivers on Ls and Ps, parents and other adults are invited to come along and share some strategies that can be implemented to keep young people safe on the road.
The first session for the Safe Smart Young Driver program was held in Mirboo North
on Wednesday.
Organisers, from Victoria Police and South Gippsland Shire Council, posed three questions:
• How can you avoid in-car distractions?
• How can you safely drive around trucks and heavy vehicles?
• What are some examples of bad driving habits that young drivers observe from their parents or supervising adults?
What would you answer to these questions?
What solutions could you find?
You can help develop strategies for young drivers and three upcoming sessions:
• Monday, August 10 at the Leongatha Football Clubrooms, 7pm
• Wednesday, August 19 at the Foster Football Clubrooms, 7pm
• Monday, August 24 at the Korumburra Football Clubrooms, 7pm.
Contact John or Sophie for more information and to book on 5662 9202, or text ‘I’m coming’ to 0409 836 515.


What the Mirboo North session answered

Avoiding distractions

Problems: phones, drinking, smoking, texting, other road users, passengers, unfamiliar roads.
Solutions: turn off your phone or pull over to answer, set rules for others in the car, learn the vehicle’s controls before you drive, set a playlist of songs so you’re not looking to change the CD while you’re driving

Sharing the road with heavy vehicles

Strategies: keep calm, don’t be impatient, increase the gap behind them so you can see their mirrors so they can see you and you can see past them, know their blind spot, consider how long it takes for trucks to slow and stop.

Examples of bad driving habits

Parents driving with their knees while doing something else in the car, road rage, cutting other drivers off, going too fast, different driving style depending on their mood, hands off the steering wheel to explain something, eating and driving.
The strategies the Mirboo North session came up with will be sent to the participants in a letter to remind them of the things they observed and the commitments they made.