HE IS an Australian Side Car Champion, and now Korumburra South’s Greg Anthony is taking on the world.
Later this month, Greg and his family will head overseas for seven weeks, where Greg will compete in a series of international races as part of the World Sidecar Championships.
Greg and his racing partners will line up in the Czech Sidecar Cross Championship teams event, one round of the World Championships and the Sidecar Cross Des Nations.
The Sidecar Cross Des Nations competition has been running for many years, but was previously only open to the European nations.
“Australia is now allowed to compete and the top three from the Australian titles get to go, so we thought, why not,” Greg said.
“And if we are going to go all that way we might as well compete in a few other races and make it worthwhile.”
Greg has been busy preparing for the events, with his bike to be shipped to Germany this week.
“They use the same bikes over there as we do here, but I am just trying to tweak it to suit their conditions,” he said.
“We will be taking a lot of spare parts and I have been using my dad’s bike to practise on in the lead-up so I don’t wreck mine.”
Along with getting the bike in ideal racing condition, Greg has also been mentally preparing for the different style of competition. He will partner will several other riders throughout the races.
“The racing is a lot different over there with a lot of bikes in each race,” he said.
“There might be up to 32 bikes at the start, whereas the most we have is 14 here.
“So there will be about two rows of 16 bikes, and if you are in the second row you just have to work your way through it.”
Greg said he will be thrilled just to qualify through the rounds and says the trip is more about the experience than chasing titles.
“We are going to go for seven weeks and do a bit of sight-seeing whilst we are there,” he said.
With each race lasting for up to 35 minutes, Greg has been hitting the gym to make sure he is physically fit to get through the competition.
“I have been training since December last year – the practising doesn’t really stop after the season ends,” he said.
And that has been made a little easier thanks to sponsorship from Voyage Fitness in Leongatha and S.A.F.E Scaffolding have also jumped on board to help make the trip a reality.