By Nathan Johnson

EVERY question about the potential impact of southeast Melbourne’s waste being dumped at a Leongatha South quarry had an answer.
There’ll be no odour, no dust, no litter blowing around over nearby paddocks, no impact on groundwater and no problems with traffic according to Veolia, who want to fill the quarry in the next 15 years with three million tonnes of domestic and commercial industrial waste.
In fact, we should want the French multinational waste management corporation to do it, instead of some “dodgy brothers” outfit, as one of the representatives stated at a media briefing on Thursday.
But as a nearby dairy farmer said after meeting with Veolia; “There’s nothing that they could have told me that would make me want to have this next door.”
No matter how you spin it, if it’s approved, it will be a giant rubbish tip.
The old quarry is massive. You can’t tell from driving past just how deep and wide it is.
It may be the easiest option for Veolia – it’s close to Melbourne and disused quarries are ideal for landfill – but this is pristine agricultural country, producing the best dairy, lamb and beef in the country.
You don’t put a toilet in your kitchen!