By King Geroge

THERE have been times when the conditions have been great and fish have responded well but when the awful weather returned the fish went quiet as well as the fishers.
This is to be expected but it would be fair to say that the surf beaches and inland streams have been more popular.

Surf: The local beaches have been very popular with quite a few hopefuls trying their luck in places such as Baxter, Williamson and Kilcunda.
This is where the run in tide seems to be the best time to try your luck where salmon have been to them 2kg mark and taking white bait, squid and surf poppers.
Wilson Kavis and some mates decided to try their luck off the beach at Kilcunda through the week and had a bit of a battle for half a dozen salmon that were around the 800gm mark which are quite all right on the table.
They were losing plenty of bait and decided to try surf poppers on the bottom of a two-hook rig.
Wilson said this seems to work all right and they didn’t lose so many baits.
The theory is that the top hook should keep off the bottom while the popper, which would be on the sand is not much of a meal for those annoying crabs.
There has been a sprinkling of flathead and for the lucky ones a pinkie or two.

Inverloch: Land-based anglers at Pensioners Corner are still catching good numbers of salmon to the 2kg mark where the best results have been on the run in tide.
There can be a fair wait between enquiries but there seems to be a few strays swimming around such as silvers, flathead and mullet but when the schools of salmon arrive there is plenty of action.
Much the same can be said of the jetty where there has been a reasonable bag of mixed fish being caught on the run in tide.
Further up the inlet boaters are doing reasonably well where salmon seem to be making up most bags.
At Mahers Landing mullet and silvers have been making up most bags as far as land-based anglers are concerned.
Further up towards the Double Island for those who know where to look there have been reasonable numbers of coutta, silvers, mullet and flathead.
Best results seem to be on the run off tide but be careful as in this area the water can become very shallow which could create a hazardous situation.

Tarwin River: The fishing platforms have been getting a fair bit of a workout where there has been mullet, silvers and a few perch being bagged.
The best baits have been Bass yabbies and sand worms.
Above the bridge there have been bream, perch, silvers and mullet being caught to the 500gm mark making for pleasing bags.
For those who wish to avoid a walk, there is room for a couple of cars near the bridge where fishing can begin; more often than not perch in reasonable numbers can be bagged.

Shallow Inlet: Karen and Andrew Starrett run the local caravan park and say there are good numbers of salmon being caught in the inlet, mainly salmon that have been to the 3kg mark.
The fish are taking a variety of presentations with surface lures, it seems being the most productive.
No doubt baits such as white bait would also be effective.
As well as salmon there are also silvers and flathead making up bags but no reports as far as whiting are concerned.
No doubt they would still be there in good numbers but experienced fishers reckon the emphasis is on the torpedo fish and whiting will not be interested in those sized lures.
The salmon should hang around in good numbers making a trip to the area well worthwhile.

Lakes Entrance: Try under the highway bridge for trevally and bream on peeled prawn.
The Post Office Jetty has mullet and trevally also taking peeled prawn.
The surf beach has salmon on poppers and pilchards.
Offshore at 6 mile reef has been good for pinkies and morwong taking pilchards and squid.

Lake Tyers: Camerons Arm and to Devils Hole has bream taking plastics and vibes.
Long Point, the channel markers and Fisherman’s Landing have bream being caught on peeled prawn.
Toorloo Arm and Blackfellows Arm area has been producing bream and the odd flatties on peeled prawn.
The entrance is still closed.

Mitchell River: The old butter factory is good for mullet taking sandworm.
Try Eagle Point and towards the river mouth for bream on worm and spider crab.

Tambo River: Rough road and down towards Marshalls Flat has bream taking sandworm.
Try blue hole and up to the cliffs for bream.

Nicholson: With the weather being wet and windy fishing is a bit patchy.
Try from the highway bridge and up to the car bodies with worm and prawn.

Metung: From Chinamans Creek and towards Boxs Creek have bream, mullet and juvenile snapper with the best baits being sandworm and prawn.

Paynesville: Fisherman’s Wharf has mullet.
The bank at Ocean Grove has king George whiting with prawn and mussel as best baits.

Hollands Landing: From the woodpile up to Medusa Point and Bull Point for bream.
Griffin Point is also worth a look for mullet taking worm.

Marlo: Around the islands on the incoming tide are good-sized bream taking sandworm, prawn and crab.
The Marlo Jetty is also working well.
The surf has salmon on poppers and pilchards.
Off shore for gummies, and flathead, best bait squid and pilchards.

Bemm River: The banks at Siberia have bream taking worm.
In the lake using soft plastics will reward you with bream.

Tamboon: Pelican Point, Old Man Point and around the campsite using lures and soft plastics for bream.

Mallacoota: The surf for salmon using surf poppers and blue bait.
Try using lures on the incoming tide.
Luderick are taking local weed and prawn at the new boat ramp and fisheries jetty.
The Top Lake and Sandy Point have bream on lure and prawn.

A tip from King George to beginners: Gumboots can be very handy with land-based anglers who wish to keep their feet dry.
Often they can be left unattended for quite some time between being used.
It is always a good idea to carefully check them before use as they are a favourite home for biting critters such as red back spiders and other similar unwanted free loaders.
This can avoid a nasty bite, which can ruin what could otherwise be an enjoyable outing, a good bag of fish and dry feet.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.