By King George

CONDITIONS were reasonable through the week and as a result there were more boaters and land based anglers out and trying their luck.

Surf: Salmon are still being caught in good numbers being to the 2kg mark with whitebait being the best of the presentations.
The occasional fish has been taken on surf poppers with the best results being on the run in tide.
Harry Johnson is a regular visitor to the Williamsons Beach area and through the week, with a mate bagged seven very nice salmon that were all around the 1.5kg mark.

Inverloch: As has been the case for some time, salmon have been dominating bags and are still in good numbers.
The jetty at Inverloch has also been very popular with land-based anglers and although there can be a fair wait between enquiries, but when the schools of salmon decide to make an appearance the wait has been worthwhile.
Outside the entrance boaters who are prepared to make the trek to the Venus Bay area there have been good numbers of quality flathead being caught.
The fish have been taken on soft plastic lures as well as the usual natural baits such as white bait, pipis and strips of pilchards.
Still outside the entrance there have been quality whiting being bagged but local knowledge is essential and those in the know like to keep the marks to themselves.
As well as the whiting there are also good numbers of silvers and flathead to be caught.
King George came across a visiting boat crew skippered by well-known local James Metherall who had just returned from a trip outside the entrance.
They were very happy and were in the process of cleaning a good size gummy shark caught after a long fight outside the entrance.
There were quite a few visiting admirers who were also impressed.
James said he would be out again at the first opportunity.
Just before this report King George checked out Mahers Landing as the tide was well into the run in cycle.
Andrew Wardle is a very keen local fisherman and was looking for whatever might come along to break the monotony.
He had nothing to get too excited about apart from a few suspected mullet enquiries but was hopeful that there would be something to make the trip worthwhile.

Shallow Inlet: Information from the local caravan park is that salmon are making up most bags being to the 2.5kg mark.
The fish have been taking mainly surface lures on both sides of the tide.
Andrew Starrett says this is not unusual as the torpedo fish generally arrive at this time of year and no doubt will stick around for some time yet.
Mixed in with them are also good size silvers but there have not been any reports of whiting.
Experienced anglers feel that as most fishers are looking for salmon they don’t seem to worry about whiting and other fish.
This theory is probably like all others; just a theory but the whiting must be somewhere.

Port Albert: There has been the usual activity in this part of the world where Ulla who runs the local general store with husband Rob says there are still plenty of whiting.
She says they are not huge but are well over size and fat which is good news for now and the future.
There was more excitement over the weekend what a southern right whale decided to pay a visit and stuck around for quite a while.
Locals are hoping that big fellow might decide to stick around for some time yet.

Lakes Entrance: All town jetties for a mixed bag of mullet, trevally and the odd tailor.
Eastern Beach for good size salmon, best results on pilchard, blue bait and silver lures.
Off shore, six mile reef for pinkies, morwong and Elvis (Leather Jackets) has returned on squid and pilchards.

Mitchell River: Still some black water coming down, fishing is patchy but on the incoming tide around the back of Mud Island for bream and tailor with best results using glassies and moving lures.

Tambo River: Fishing has been a bit quiet but try Johnsonville boat ramp and towards river mouth in late afternoon with worm as preferred bait.

Nicholson: Railway and Highway Bridge for sized bream, bait of choice being worm and prawn, also try the tyres

Metung: Box’s Creek and around the mouth of Chinaman’s for bream, pinkies and mullet, best bait sandworm and peeled prawn.

Paynesville: McMillans Strait and Newlands Arm for bream and mullet. Try the lake for tailor, best baits are worm, prawn and lures.

Hollands Landing: Wood Pile, Bull Bay and Griffin Point for bream and mullet taking prawn and worm.

Marlo: Bream are in the rivers and Lake Corringle. Perch in The Snowy and Brodribb Rivers taking all baits.
Salmon and tailor on the surf taking blue bait, pilchard and poppers.
Off shore for gummies and flatties, bait of choice squid and pilchards.

Bemm River: Bream are in the main lake, bait of choice is sandworm.
Surf Beach for salmon, bait of choice being pilchard and poppers.

Tamboon: Some bream are about in the Lake taking worm and prawn. Old Man Point and down to Shallow Lagoon for bream and a few flatties.
Surf for salmon on pilchard and poppers.

A tip from King George to beginners: It is considered to be a good idea to have a spare fully rigged rod or two especially if you are in a snaggy patch of water and the fish are having a real go.
There is nothing more frustrating than having a break off on some underwater furniture and lose valuable time re-rigging.
On the subject of gear, always make sure that, after a long fight with a fish you test the breaking strain of the line, especially light gear for fatigue, as this could be a factor.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 0401 199 223. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

There are plenty of customers that are gearing up for the season now that the weather is starting to show signs of improving and rumours of snapper are doing the rounds.
The reports from the trawlers sounding up schools of snapper heading this way have been promising and I would think it will all start to happen in another couple of weeks or so.
The water has cleaned up quickly with the settled weather and it has actually started to warm up a bit.
Reports were reasonable this week and some quality amongst them but I still think the good bags of fish are a couple of weeks away.
With the patchy fishing it is a perfect time to try out those new sounders or fine tune your existing one look for a new piece of structure that might have been exposed over the winter but don’t forget the rods because you just don’t know what is swimming around.

Calamari reports are on the improve and judging by the amount of people on the beach at Woolamai on Saturday afternoon there will be plenty caught over the next couple of months.
The jetty at San Remo fished quite well on the weekend especially on Saturday morning with the majority caught on artificial jigs while baited jigs worked best at Woolamai.
Earlier in the week there were several calamari seen swimming around the San Remo Jetty but they weren’t interested in any type of jigs.
I had a couple of reports from Cowes and Ventnor way but nothing too special.
Not everyone in the boats had success but those who seem to find the school of them got to double figures of reasonable size ones without too much trouble.
Cleeland Bight was the best with the odd one caught towards Reef Island and no pattern at all in the colour of jig.

Salmon reports slowed a bit this week and the hot spot at pensioners point at Inverloch has gone a cold but I did hear the fish have moved towards the angling club.
Not a lot from Kilcunda but those that were caught came from around Cemetery Beach.
More came from Woolamai but mostly small school fish with lures outdoing bait.
If you are using bait anywhere along the coast at the moment make sure you have some surf poppers as there are plenty of crabs around.

As usual there were more rumours of snapper being caught than were actually caught but that’s nothing different for this time of the year.
The ones we saw from during the week and over the weekend were a mixture of new and resident fish and even a mixture of sizes.
We saw a few that were not much over size but the majority were around the 4kg to 5kg mark, typical for this time of the year.
The new fish came mostly from the western channel and Rhyll and the resident as expected from Corinella and Temby areas.
Not many boats caught more than one or two and most reported their sounders showed some good size schools at times swimming past.

Angling club hosts suburban visitors

Andrew Godfrey won first place with the 1600g Australian salmon.

Andrew Godfrey won first place with the 1600g Australian salmon.

THE Venus Bay Angling Club has a big weekend of fishing recently with the usual monthly comp held in conjunction one-comp involving anglers from Hampton Park.
The August competition was held on the 14th, 15th and 16th.
The weather conditions were ideal for fishing on the beach on Saturday with mild temperatures and virtually no wind.
The wind picked up on Sunday, so not so great to end the weekend!

Results were:
1st: Andrew Godfrey, Australian Salmon, 1600g for 800 points
2nd: Paul De Hamer, Australian Salmon, 136g for 680 points
3rd: Joe Griscti, Australian Salmon,
1280g for 640 points

Joe Griscti won third place in the recent competition.

Joe Griscti won third place in the recent competition.

No juniors or visitors weighed in.
The annual one-day comp on the Saturday against the Hampton Park Taverners’ Angling Club, who travelled down to our end of the world for some serious fishing, finished off with a joint dinner at the club rooms.
The Venus Bay Angling Club’s final weight came in at 5340g, with Hampton Park’s being 4460g.
So, Venus Bay Angling Club were victorious (just!) over Hampton Park Taverners.