Liam, Jalen and dad with a big salmon caught at Pensioners Corner at low tide through the week.

Liam, Jalen and dad with a big salmon caught at Pensioners Corner at low tide through the week.

By King George

THE up and down conditions have made fishing an on-and-off again situation during the week but the cold conditions have really brought the salmon around in very good numbers.

Surf: Virtually all the local surf beaches and inlets have been producing very good numbers of salmon that have been to the 4kg mark.
They have been taking a variety of baits and just about any hard or soft-bodied lures at low water on both sides of the tide.

Inverloch: Pensioners Corner has been ‘standing room only’ recently where salmon have been to the 3kg mark at low water.
The good news quickly spread where family groups were among the many hopefuls who were catching very impressive salmon when visited by King George.
There was one family group along with friends who were among the many fishers trying their luck.
Two of the youngsters, four-year-old Jalen and Liam were very excited and catching fish.
There was one ripper that weighed in around the impressive 3kg mark.
Whilst they were posing for a photo one of the nearby group said: “Shame that Wayne Mattock wasn’t here, he might have learnt something.” Another one of the group explained that Wayne and a mate Daryl recently travelled to McLaughlins Beach for a few days looking for a salmon but failed to catch a fish.
Maybe the youngster might be able to help out his elder with a few of the finer points of landing a salmon that are basically easy to catch!
The jetty continues to be productive where salmon are the main catch being to the 3kg mark and taking a variety of lures and natural baits. There is standing room only and there can be a fair wait between enquiries as the salmon are moving around in schools but when they do arrive the action is fast and furious.
Further up, as far as Mahers Landing, there have been a few salmon being taken to the 400gm along with mullet, silvers and reasonable size flathead but it would be fair to say that most of the action has been from the jetty to the entrance.

Tarwin River: There have been reports of perch being caught from the entrance to above the highway bridge.
The fish have been caught on a variety of natural baits including sand worms and Bass yabbies. Soft plastic and hard-bodied lures have also been successful.
The fishing platforms between the jetty and below the bridge have also been getting a fair workout with reasonable size perch, silvers and mullet being caught with best results being on the run-out tide.
Further up above the highway bridge there have been good size bream being bagged on both sides of the tides.

Shallow Inlet: Information from this part of the world is that there has been plenty of activity as far as birds are concerned. They can be seen having a feast on fish that are breaking the surface in big numbers.
Bill Reynolds says there have not been any boats on the water as the conditions have been awful which would be a fair reason.
Prior to this there had been very good numbers of salmon being bagged and as soon as the conditions let up, the area would be worth a visit.
This is where there will no doubt be good numbers of salmon, silvers, flathead and probably gummies in pleasing numbers.
Usually whiting numbers are down at this time of year probably because the salmon and silvers will not let any presentations reach down where they are usually found.

Lakes Entrance: The Post Office Jetty has mullet, trevally and tailor; preferred bait being pilchards.
Kalimna Jetty and up to the point for luderick which are taking local weed. The rock wall has leather jacket taking squid and pippies.
Off-shore at six mile reef and the pipeline for pinkies and gummies taking pilchards and squid.
Try the surf beach for salmon on pilchards and poppers.

Lake Tyers: Water levels are high. Trident Arm and up to devils hole has bream taking local prawn, look for snags and structures for best results. Long point and Blackfellows Arm has the odd luderick.

Mitchell River: The barrier and down to Eagle Point into the river mouth for bream on cut crab, spider and plastics. The Highway Bridge has perch in good numbers, best bait being soft plastics.

Tambo River: From the boat ramp and down 400 metres has been good for nice bream. Try the river mouth mid-morning for best results. Best of the baits are being prawn and worm.

Nicholson: The river has dirty water on top but clean below the surface as a result bream up to 1kg are at the jetty. Also try from the power lines and up to the car bodies. Bait of choice is worm.

Metung: Trolling for salmon and tailor in Bancroft Bay and Mosquito Point using lures, Chinaman’s Creek in the shallows at dusk and evening for best results. Best bait being spider crab, cut crab and live prawn.

Paynesville: Mullet are about at Fisherman’s Wharf and Progress Jetty taking peeled prawn using small hooks.

Hollands Landing: McLennan Straits, Jones Bay and Toms Creek are the best spots for bream taking prawn.

Marlo: Bream are at the Marlo Jetty taking bass yabbies and frozen prawn. French’s Narrows has bream and dusky flathead. Try soft plastics and lures. Salmon and tailor are on the in-coming tide, try trolling with metal lures. The beach has salmon and tailor taking pilchard and silver lures. Off shore gummies and flathead are taking squid and blue bait.

Bemm River: The entrance is still open and bream are about in the lake, best bait being worm. The surf has salmon on pilchards and poppers.

Tamboon: From Aeroplane Rocks and down to Tamboon South is good for bream, mullet and luderick, try using worm and prawn. Mud point and the mouth of the river are also worth a try using soft plastics.

Mallacoota: Salmon are in the surf on blue bait and surf poppers. Try the entrance on the in-coming tide using lures. Double Creek Arm has bream on prawn. Flathead are taking metal lures. The new boat ramp has luderick taking local weed.

A tip from King George to beginners: King George received a call from an angler who was saying how his pilchards were going mushy after being thawed and reused a few times. This is common with inexperienced anglers who will thaw out a whole pack and only use a few and refreeze them. The next time they are used they will go mushy and will just fall off the hook.
The idea is to thaw out a few and when you get down to the last few and think you will use some more then allow for some more. The idea is not to refreeze pilchards as they will just turn mushy and fall off the hook, being only good for berley.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo
NOT a lot changed this week and reports have been few and far between so the report this week will be a quick read but as new season stock emails start coming in it quickly reminds you that the season is just around the corner.
During this month we will be traveling around to the various suppliers looking at the new season stock and placing orders which will start to arrive towards the end of August.
If you are looking at updating some of your gear this season now is the time to start getting it organised.
Like most shops we offer lay-by to our customers and now is the time to take advantage with all the new stock coming in.
We offer lay-by on any of our stock and get quite a few customers come in and lay-by not only the more expensive items like rods and reels but will also collect a basket full of terminal, lures and lines and lay-by that as well so once the season starts they have all their gear paid for and are ready to go fishing.

The weather isn’t helping much with the calamari at the moment with it stirring up weed and rubbish in the water so your jigs last a minute before they become covered with weed and useless.
Either that or it is so windy you can’t get the boat out or cast from the beach and jetty.
There have been a few persevere and put in the time and have had moderate success both in the boats or kayaks and from the San Remo Jetty.
Those reported were very mixed in size and land based caught mostly on baited jigs whereas on the water artificial ones did the trick.
Those that did report captures of calamari had only one or two.

Salmon reports are still coming in and have been a bit more regular this week with more schools of fish coming into the beaches.
They have been sitting out very wide with all the schools of bait but the bait has spread out a bit and the salmon seem to be coming in closer.
This week with some big northerly winds a lot of the success has come from those casting lures around and getting a bit of extra distance with the wind.
The best of the lures have been lures with white as the main colour and no bigger than 40 grams.
Silver or natural baitfish coloured ones also work well.
Woolamai at Anzacs and Cemetery at Kilcunda stood out as the best beaches but there were the odd reports from other open beaches along the island and along the coast back towards Inverloch.
Blue bait by far has been the best of the baits and don’t forget the surf poppers as the crabs haven’t gone anywhere and are quick to pinch your bait.
Although the numbers of fish caught were quite good the size wasn’t anything special with most under 1kg.

A couple of gummy reports this week but not as many as I was expecting on the moon and almost all of them came from Tenby Point or Stockyard Point.