Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio has turned her back on Phillip Island residents campaigning for reticulated natural gas.
In response to a letter I wrote to the Minister in April regarding natural gas supply to the Island, Minister D’Ambrosio said residents should instead purchase energy efficient appliances.
This a woeful response from a Minister who is supposed to be responsible for improving access to essential energy services.
Phillip Island residents are being denied access to an integral service.
It also prevents residents from transitioning to a lower-emissions alternative to electricity.
In this day and age, it is extraordinary that Phillip Island residents have no access to reticulated natural gas.
The area is home to nearly 7000 residents, with an expanding population over the summer months.
Natural gas is a vital service and residents of Phillip Island deserve better than to be abandoned by the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources.
Greg Hunt, Member for Flinders.