13 & Under: Dalyston 30 d Inverloch-Kongwak 29.
IT WAS a nervous start to the final series – especially from Ricky McNaughton who umpired the Under 13s and blew the whistle with the cover still on it. After the umpire sorted himself out the game started in earnest.
There were nerves all over the court with Inverloch missing the first three goals before they finally scored the first goal of the day.
Dalyston came out nervous in the second and made some crucial mistakes early on. Grace McRae from Dalyston was into everything and shooting accurately, but Inverloch started to pull away, slowly adding more and more pressure to force Dalyston to make mistakes.
Inverloch tried to pull away at the start of the third getting an early break to take the lead to four goals but Dalyston rallied and brought the scores back to even.
The momentum shifted and Dalyston were suddenly into everything.
Zahli Davis started coming out of the ring more and more and it made all the difference. Inverloch were saved at the end of the quarter by a long bomb by Sophia Hughes.
Starting goal for goal in the fourth, the pressure and desperation was mounting for both sides. Both teams had plenty of opportunities but Dalyston were more desperate for the ball and took the win.

15 & Under: Inverloch-Kongwak 28 d MDU 24
MDU began strongly and broke the first centre. Some lovely aerial intercepts from both defenders saw the ball move up and down the court with neither team scoring.
Mid-way through the quarter IK took a marginal lead.
MDU however were getting lots of hands in defence but were not able to capitalise and take the ball down the court cleanly.
IK were very keen to start the second quarter coming out even before the umpires.
Contact was called against IK’s GA at their centre pass, MDU capitalised on the turnover and scored the next three goals. Great defensive work from both teams.
MDU worked the ball down the court more easily at this stage and suddenly MDU were only one goal behind. Both teams were fighting hard.
With the third quarter staying goal for goal the ball just kept travelling up and down the court with not many goals being scored.
Inverloch’s defensive pressure in the mid court from Alexandra Burke and Bianca Phillips turned the last few minutes around with two crucial held balls.
The fourth quarter started goal for goal, but Inverloch was the more consistent side who treasured every centre pass, although credit to Kayla Redpath who took an extraordinary intercept late into the quarter

17 & Under: Fish Creek 40 d Inverloch-Kongwak 27.
Fish Creek settled early and took a four goal lead. Inverloch-Kongwak found it very hard to get the ball into their circle until they finally scored.
Fish Creek worked the ball slowly and steadily down the court – the give and go was very effective. Kristy Wilkins from Fish Creek was shooting very well while Inverloch-Kongwak tried to force the ball into their circle.
Strong defensive work from Fish Creek saw them take a convincing lead at quarter time.
The second quarter Fish Creek came out determined to extend their lead. Some crucial intercepts were really frustrating the Inverloch attack. Inverloch-Kongwak was trying everything but they had to work a lot harder to get their goals in.
In the third quarter Inverloch tried everything to try and claw the margin back and by the middle of the quarter they were taking every opportunity and maximising the mistakes that a tired Fish Creek were making.
However Fish Creek rallied at the end of the quarter.
Fish Creek had already done enough to win but Kristy Wilkins kept giving 110 per cent and came away with some great turnovers.

C Grade: Dalyston 37 d Korumburra-Bena 26.
A great start from both teams with some strong passages of play. Goals were going with the centres, and the crowd continued to grow. It was evident by the physicality of the game, there was no love lost between the two teams.
Good teamwork from Dalyston early in the quarter saw them get within a goal.Korumburra-Bena applied some area defence, but it wasn’t very effective.
Dalyston took the lead after a strong rebound from GD Oona Sheppherd. Both teams were making poor passing choices, and seemed a little flustered.
Loose passes at the beginning of the quarter enabled Korumburra Bena to pull back the lead. The game became scrappy due to poor passing from both teams. Korumburra Bena WD Caroline Crawford wasn’t letting Dalyston get any pass in to the ring easily.
Korumburra Bena got an early break in the fourth. Dalyston GA Emma Ton remained very calm for a young girl, shooting very accurately. Korumburra Bena became a little more desperate and Dalyston extended their lead.
Korumburra Bena tried everything. Changes at 3/4 time didn’t appear to be effective. Dalyston seemed to want it more and were fighting for every ball.

B Grade: Inverloch Kongwak 53 d Korumburra Bena 50.
A confident start by Korumburra Bena breaking Dalyston’s first centre pass.
Rebecca Paterson was sensational front cutting and feeding the goalers well. Down the other end IK GS Janelle Smyth was matched for height on Korumburra-Bena GK Jude Reynolds, but both Janelle and GA Kylee Bertacco were combining well.
Giants GS Jaimee Lee Jeffs was playing a tall game under the ring and was shooting with impressive accuracy.
A change to IK GK brought Meagan Reid into the game and proved to be a strong move for IK. Both centres, Zoe Archer and Elizabeth Sadler were running hard and intercepting well down the court.
IK’s confidence appeared to be increasing and they were taking advantage of any loose balls.
IK took the lead off the first centre pass. Some erratic passes from the Korumburra side gave IK some room to move and they soon had a five goal lead. Korumburra Bena fought back to reduce the lead, but a breaking call took the lead back out to five.
An impressive turnover by Korumburra-Bena GD Melissa Neill brought the score back to two at the final change.
Both teams made some changes going into the last. Korumburra-Bena seemed to have lifted, but Smyth was still IK’s main target under the ring and they extended their lead out to five again.
Some beautiful shooting by Giants GA Alanna Besley brought the score back to level.
A goal in it, and time getting low, IK scored to go two up. They remained calm and came away with a great three goal win.

A Grade: Korumburra Bena 37 v Dalyston 33.
Defensive pressure was strong right from the first whistle, and the game was rough and tough right down the court. Every pass was contested, and the quarter went goal for goal.
Dalyston GA Alyce Abriola was creating a lot of drive in the attack end, and making a lot of space for GS Jarney Thomas.
Giants GA Kimberley Hillberg was also shooting with accuracy and working well with GS Emma Kyle. Korumburra Bena held onto a three goal lead after some impressive aerial intercepts by WD Gemma Dixon.
Early in the third, goals were proving difficult, due to the defensive pressure from both sides. Kimberley Hillberg’s cool and calm nature showed on court and she was shooting with confidence.
Jarney Thomas sunk a beautiful goal while falling out of court.
Korumburra Bena GD Christie Hillberg was demonstrating great vision with some long passes into sister Kim.
Dalyston made a change of Britt Thomas into GS and Alyce Abriola into C, which seemed to be a good move as they reduced the margin back to two.
Korumburra Bena C, Jacquie Snooks was having a great game, the smallest player on court, but she was fighting for every ball. WA for the Giants Tarli Hillberg was playing some aggressive netball and was positioning well on the ring.
Dalyston didn’t give up all game, but they just couldn’t match the quality of the Giants.

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