The State Government is currently conducting an inquiry into onshore gas in Victoria and has asked for individuals, organisations and shires for their input.
Our shire councillors have refused to lodge a submission on our behalf, by voting down yet again a motion to this effect by Councillors Hill, Kennedy and McEwen at the council meeting last week.
The six councillors who voted against this motion all stated that they and their constituents didn’t want this destructive industry in South Gippsland.
The excuse that these councillors used for voting against this opportunity to be part of the inquiry was that they wanted to wait until the preliminary report came out, then comment on it.
Why would these councillors want to wait for the outcome when you had an opportunity to be part of the process?
Are they scared of rocking the boat and may be missing out on funding from the State Government or as I suspect that they are far too conservative and are certainly not listening to the community especially those representing the 96.6 per cent of the Mirboo North district who have declared themselves Coal and CSG Free?
To date 63 communities across Victoria have declared themselves CSG free with an average percentage of those against being 90 plus per cent.
Come on councillors, as our representatives of our shire please have the courage to take positive action on this crucial issue.
Phil Piper, Coal and CSG Free Mirboo North, Mirboo North