DESPITE some outstanding individual efforts and several close results, the South Gippsland Women’s Golf Association squad did not fare well in last weeks’ Country Teams match play event in Melbourne.
With the South Gippsland squad recording a 0/4 result for the week, the association team now faces relegation to Division 3.
Of the 15 districts competing at Country Teams, the South Gippsland Women’s district is the smallest, being made up of just nine affiliated clubs.
It has therefore been an outstanding effort to have remained in the higher division for the last 10 years.
Team manager, Anne Walker has had a 29 year association with Country Teams and is to be congratulated for her organisation.
She also ensured that all squad members had the experience of at least one game.
The challenge now will be to build up the squad to achieve success in Division 3 next year.
The team included: Rebecca Thomas (Leongatha Golf Club, 6), Andrea Thorson (Meeniyan Golf Club, 7), Toni West (Leongatha Golf Club, 8), Robyn Galloway (Foster Golf Club, 8), Barb Warren (Foster Golf Club, 9), Faye Morris (Phillip Island Golf Club, 10), Lesley Meadowcroft (Phillip Island Golf Club, 10), Lee Clements (Korumburra Golf Club, 11), Jennifer Sullivan (Lang Lang Golf Club, 11) and Sharyn Rayson (Leongatha Golf Club, 11).


Round 1 at Rossdale Golf Club: South Gippsland v Goulburn Valley 3/4.
Round 2 at Rossdale Golf Club: South Gippsland v East Gippsland 1.5/5.5.
Round 3 at Woodlands Golf Club: South Gippsland v Ballarat 1/6.
Round 4: bye.
Round 5 at Victoria Golf Club: South Gippsland v Dalhousie 1/6.
Final ladder: Ballarat, Dalhousie, East Gippsland, Goulburn Valley, South Gippsland.