The Sentinel-Times consistently refers to councils as ‘Local Government’ (‘Rate hikes the symptom not the sickness’, Sentinel-Times comment, 15/9/15, p24).
The electors of Australia have twice been asked to vote on amending the Australian Constitution to declare Municipal Councils as a level of Government and twice it was rejected.
It seems that the electors of Australia have more sense than our media.
Prior to the last Federal election we were again bombarded with media hype telling us that there will be another vote on the subject of declaring councils as a level of Government.
Fortunately, it was not put to the people to reject the amendment a third time.
Personally, I would be satisfied if councils took care of and did a good job of the three Rs, (Roads, Rates and Rubbish).
Could the Sentinel-Times please stop pretending councils are anything more than what the Australian Constitution proscribes.
Unfortunately, some people actually believe what they read in the papers or watch on television.
Claus D Salger, Cape Paterson