With reference to last weeks’ article ‘Council waits to fight CSG’ (p. 13, Sentinel-Times, September 1), I would like to ask how long we must wait for the South Gippsland Shire Council to develop some backbone and unite to act on an issue important to so many in their community?
If Cr Hutchinson-Brooks is so embarrassed by the people in his community perhaps he should resign from council and let someone who is proud to present the people in his community take his place.
A ‘measured response’, not ‘an emotional and hasty response’!
Since August 2012, there has been article after article in the local press, letter after letter written to the newspaper editors by community members wanting protection from the very real threat of onshore unconventional gas extraction.
Community after community have declared themselves to be CSG Free with more towns and localities declaring themselves each week.
Why won’t the council vote in favour of our community expressing our opinions on unconventional gas on the shire ‘Oursay’ platform?
How else could the council possibly know what to give as a ‘measured response’ on behalf of this community, to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into unconventional gases? What are they afraid of?
I have a sneaking suspicion that, like some state government politicians I have spoken with, some councillors do not understand the processes involved in unconventional gas extraction or the irreversible damage that can be done to the soil and water as a result of it.
In having to deal with this issue, those councillors would have to ashamedly admit their ignorance.
Perhaps we should be asking for funding to send them on an educational tour to New South Wales and Queensland so they can personally experience the gas extraction industry and talk to the farmers and townspeople up there.
I can suggest some basic references for them to read, if they’d like. Sadly, I expect, they will just stick their heads back in the sand, in the forlorn hope that this issue will go away. Alas for them, opposition to CSG is here to stay.
Libby Lambert, Bena.