JENNY O’Sullivan will make up part of what Meat and Livestock Australia is calling ‘The Magnificent Seven’.
She is one of the new chairs of the Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC); producers who will drive the collection of research and development needs from their local regions.
MLA General Manager, Livestock Productivity, Jane Weatherley, said the chairs announced would lead committees that would ensure sheepmeat and cattle producers from NSW, Victoria, SA, Tasmania and Queensland could have direct input into the investment of industry levies.
Jenny will lead the South East Victorian/Tasmanian component.
“MLA is committed to giving producers a much stronger role in determining the way their levies are spent and ensuring investment in R&D continues to deliver beneficial outcomes for industry in the short and long term,” Ms Weatherley said.
“By re-invigorating SAMRC we’re using an existing system that engages producers, others across the supply chain and co-investors.
“MLA and co-investors have been delighted by the enthusiasm and commitment of the appointed chairs to get the process established, and the significant level of interest from grass-roots producers who’d like to be involved with the committees.”
Under the new consultation model SAMRC will join the newly developed Western Australia Livestock Research Council (WALRC) and the existing North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC) as bodies to collect grassroots feedback from coordinated producer groups and regional committees.
This input will then be taken to the Red Meat Panel for consideration in setting R&D priorities.

New chair O’Sullivan

Jenny O’Sullivan will be chair of the South East Victoria and Tasmania arm.
Jenny is well known for promoting sustainable agriculture, particularly in Gippsland where she and her husband run a 680ha beef and sheep property at Tarwin Lower.
Over the past 29 years she has helped develop and deliver many initiatives to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable management practices including working with the South Gippsland Landcare Network, MLA’s scoping study for sustainable agriculture, Dairy Australia’s DairySage mentoring program and the Westernport GipRip Project.
She is also the recipient of a number of awards including the Beef Improvement Association’s Service Award, the Hugh Mackay Farming Award and the Gippsland Women’s Honour Roll for her work to advance agriculture and protect and enhance the area’s natural resources.
More recently, Jenny and her husband Paul have created an exciting agri-tourism business, Gippsland Food Adventures, promoting Gippsland as a premium food region.
Producers are encouraged to speak directly with their regional chair and become part of the R&D consultation process.