MURRAY Goulburn supplier shareholders elected its Gippsland directors for another three-year term.
The three returning directors include Bill Bodman, Max Jelbart and Philip Tracy (Yanakie).
Mr Bodman has served the Murray Goulburn board since 2009.
Mr Bodman, in his election material, strongly supported Murray Goulburn’s move away from bulk commodities to value-added products for the Asian market, and the implementation of the capital share structure to fund these opportunities.
Mr Jelbart was elected to the board in 2012.
He said his aim was to “optimise both the milk payments and return to shareholders and unit holders whilst ensuring that MG operates with world-class efficiency both now and in the future in these challenging times”.
Mr Tracy was elected to the board in 2009, and has been chairman since 2011.
Mr Tracy said the focus of the board in the next three years would be to “execute the next stage of investments, aimed at improving both the efficiency and productivity of our plants.
“Murray Goulburn continues to play the critical role of setting the benchmark on milk price within the Australian dairy industry.
“The strategic investment of capital, to achieve operating excellence, is critical to maximise our returns to shareholders and suppliers.”
Only 44 per cent of eligible shareholders voted in the elections.
The three men will be formally voted in at the Murray Goulburn AGM on October 26 at RACV Melbourne at 11am.