I refer to the article in the Sentinel-Times, ‘Never assault a woman’ (28/7/15 p3).
I guess most people will agree that those words are pretty ineffective.
For decades now we have been fighting violence against any person. Having to work through violence and abuse myself, I have learnt only from feeling empowered as a woman that no man has any right to push or lay any form of violence on a woman, especially when there is so much opportunity to seek help for these issues.
I know other women that have and are struggling with it, and when I see stories like this in our local papers, it saddens me.
It makes me disappointed that the Bass Coast man mentioned in this article should have any luck at all.
We should not be looking but should take a hard line on abusers in all instances, whether physical, emotional or mental.
There is absolutely no excuse for a woman to be pushed, whether the offender was drunk or not. Pushing is violence!
Unfortunately, small abuses such as pushing will become minor assaults and major domestic violence against women especially when it is taken so lightly.
I find it hard to understand the partner being in court to support the accused.
Would not a fine or jail term be less of a penalty than a violent assault the next time?
Magistrates need to become more serious about this issue because while the community and the law bring these offenders to court, letting them off with just a correction order does not seem justified.
We need to recognise violence in its initial stages and not leave it until there is a major assault or murder before it starts to be taken seriously.
More funds for domestic violence need to be put towards lobbying the justice system and magistrates to make better judgements, even in minor cases.
I see domestic violence cases getting worse and more instances of violence now trickling down to our children and as a society we need to empower women so you walk away at the first push.
Violence is not a disease, it is a behaviour, and there is no excuse for such behaviour in any form, minor or major. This hurts so much.
Dilene Hinton, Leongatha.