Did you know you no longer can sell your car on side of road, up street, in car park?
South Gippsland patrols phoned me two weeks ago to remove a registered car from side of road wayside stop or I will be fined.
South Gippsland shire has changed its rules and told no-one why.
I David Amor cannot believe the phone call I received from private number telling myself to remove or to be fined by local laws man.
I asked the question VT Commodore, no rego on side of road at Loch Hill, there for over three weeks, sits there, nothing done to it – no rego, no insurance.
Second, question, how about the all the cars outside BP in Leongatha?
The man from the shire said: don’t start on that.
OK, David Amor said, I will move it after work, is that OK?
Yes, he said.
Tell me why the shire changes things and doesn’t tell anyone?
I went to Leongatha last Wednesday arvo, four cars outside BP Leongatha??
Why is it always different?
David Amor, Korumburra