FOOTY finals in the Alberton Football Netball League turned ugly last Saturday when spectators at the second semi-final at Korumburra allegedly spat on the players of an opposing team as they returned to the rooms at half time.
According to reports, the players were walking down the players’ race, in the middle of the Korumburra Grandstand, when the incident occurred.
It has not been officially reported to the league.
What is not in dispute, however, is that the Phillip Island senior side was heckled and abused as they returned to the change rooms at half time and following the final siren.
Bystanders complained about obscene language and its impact, especially on children in the vicinity.
The unruly behaviour is believed to be the result of on-field incidents between the two teams, Dalyston and Phillip Island, both in last Saturday’s game and an earlier match, from which an incident is the subject of an independent investigation.
Alberton FNL President John Schelling has called for improved behaviour from spectators.
“It’s an emotional game and people need to remember where they are and who they’re with when they’re yelling abuse,” he said.
“Maybe people should get both sides of every story before they start making comments.”
Further alleged incidents in Saturday’s match are also believed to have contributed to the furore.
A Phillip Island player faced a tribunal hearing last night (Monday) after being charged with conduct unbecoming, following an alleged incident in the Round 18 match against Dalyston.
‘Conduct unbecoming’ is the standard charge players face if cited in an investigation.
If found to be in breach, the player could miss this week’s Preliminary Final against Fish Creek and the Grand Final the following week if Phillip Island wins on Saturday.
Dalyston has provided video evidence of the alleged incident involving the Phillip Island player and Dalyston player Brad Fisher which has been used as part of the independent investigation.
At the time, the field umpire paid a free kick for high contact and Fisher was helped from the field.
He is yet to resume playing due to the effects of the incident.
In last Saturday’s match two Dalyston players were also injured in separate incidents and didn’t return to the field. Neither is the subject of a report.

Van Diemen rubbed out

PHILLIP Island’s Will Van Diemen is set to sit out the rest of the season after the Alberton Football Netball League tribunal found him guilty last night (Monday) of unbecoming conduct in a match played on August 8.
The league released a statement on Tuesday morning.
“As a result of an investigation and subsequent tribunal held last night, the charged player, Will Van Diemen of Phillip Island FC was found guilty of unbecoming conduct against Brad Fisher of Dalyston FC in that he did strike/engage in rough conduct against an opponent which in the circumstances is unreasonable.
“(He) was suspended for two weeks to be served immediately and a further two weeks suspended until the end of 2016, which will only be served if the player is reported and found guilty before the end of 2016.”
Fisher has not played since, believed to be due to the ongoing effects of concussion sustained in the incident.