I was very upset when I read the article in last week’s Sentinel-Times regarding the nine loyal staff members being made redundant.
Why do you sack good, honest workers when they have been loyal and compassionate workers for many years. It doesn’t make any sense at all.
I know a few of these workers personally and I know how much they love their job and the residents at Rose Lodge.
I am the leader of a group of Salvation Army singers who have been going to Rose lodge for many years.
We love visiting the residents and we know that in the past they have always been happy living at the lodge.
So I hope with all these changes that it doesn’t have any effect on these lovely residents. They are elderly and do not need stress and discomfort this time of their life.
I even commented recently when we had a guest speaker at our Probus Club, how impressed I have been over all these years that the same staff are still there, so they must find it’s a great place to work at.
So when I read the article, I was very surprised and distressed as many other people in this town are as well.
We are all proud of Rose Lodge, watching it grow from a small building with nine residents to what it is now, dedicated people continually raising funds for it to grow.
One of these ladies was our Aunty Nell Peters who managed The Pines when it started and she was a beautiful, gentle lady who cared for her residents.
These nine staff members are not going to find jobs easily. They deserve much better.
We will miss your happy faces each month, but I hope that the decisions that have been made can be reversed.
I am just one of many, many people who are upset and find it very hard to understand why this has happened.
Joan Peters, Inverloch.