This 37cm whiting was caught at Pensioners Corner at low water.

This 37cm whiting was caught at Pensioners Corner at low water.

By King George

THE calm conditions have brought boaters and land-based anglers out and looking for a fish.
There have been encouraging reports and hopefully this will continue.
Surf: According to reports through the week it appears that number three beach at Venus Bay has been the most productive with salmon to the 2kg mark being caught mainly on the run in tide.
Pilchards and squid seem to be the best of the baits and with the torpedo fish there has been a few flathead and for the lucky ones the occasional pinkie snapper has been making an appearance.

Inverloch: There was a marked increase in boat numbers where most people have been managing something to take home.
King George came across a couple of almost locals who had a bus modified so that it would nicely cater for a number of anglers.
They have really taken a liking to this part of the world and at the time of meeting them they had a nice mixture of salmon and flathead.
One of the crew, Mick and Lyndon Foster said that as they were travelling up the inlet towards the Double Islands they came across a kangaroo that was swimming and a long way from the shoreline.
The big fellow seemed to be travelling alright so they decided not interfere with his progress.
They said they have been fishing mainly in the inlet and there has been no shortage of fish and a surprising number of good size silver trevally.
The fish have been taking a variety of lures and natural presentations.
At the time of my visit there were many frames of salmon in the low tide mud that would be in the 2kg mark and trevally frames around the same weight where the birds were having a feast.
There have been reports of very good numbers of salmon to the 2kg mark being caught on the run in tide.
Mixed in with them have been silvers as well as flathead that have been making a trip to this area worthwhile.
There were many hopefuls trying their luck at the Inverloch jetty but there was plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
There were a few trying their luck with drop nets but no tales indicating success.
Pensioners Corner had quite a few land-based anglers trying their luck but there was plenty of water mixed in with the fish but it didn’t worry anyone as they were all having a great time in the wonderful warm conditions.
Outside the entrance there have been good size gummies being caught on a variety of baits such as pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets.
Mixed in with the gummies have been good size flathead that have also been caught beyond the breakers at Venus Bay.

Tarwin River: There continues to be positive reports from the rock wall to well above the highway bridge.
Perch have been making up most bags but there has also been bream being caught by those who know where to look.
The fishing platforms have been very popular especially in the warm conditions where silvers, perch and mullet are in fairly good numbers.

Shallow Inlet: Karen Starrett says the weather was perfect over the weekend and there were plenty of visitors staying at the caravan park with the majority trying to catch a fish.
She says that although there were no reports of whiting and gummies bagged there were good numbers of quality size salmon and silvers being caught on both sides of the tide.
The fish were caught on a variety of natural baits and artificial surface lures.
She says the water is still down around the winter temperature but expects the whiting to return as the temperature increases.

Port Welshpool: The warm calm conditions saw plenty of boats out on the water according to information from the boat storage.
The main catch however has been flathead that have been bagged both by boaters and those trying their luck off the jetties.
As well as flathead there have been good numbers of salmon and silvers but no reports of whiting.
The Lewis Channel is usually reliable as far as the royals are concerned and no doubt they will make an appearance as time goes on.
As well as flathead being caught off the jetties there have also been silvers, salmon, mullet and big eels making up quite reasonable bags.

Lakes Entrance: Fishing is a bit quiet, but try the town jetties for trevally and mullet.
The rock wall and Kalimna Jetty are worth a try.
The surf for salmon even though it has been a bit rough.
Offshore for pinkies and morwong, using squid and pilchard.

Lake Tyers: Bream and trevally are being caught on the incoming tide in deep water around the Glasshouse, best bait is glassies.
Bream around the Islands taking prawn.
Crystal Bay area for bream using vibes.
Good flathead (90cm) in shallows around Long point, also taking vibes.

Mitchell River: Eagle Point and through to the mouth for bream on worm. Perch and mullet are at the Highway Bridge and Rob Street, best baits are lures and worm.

Tambo River: Late afternoon for bream taking fresh shrimp and worm. Try Rough Road and Punthouse Point.

Nicholson: Once again the Highway Bridge and railway bridge are good for bream on worm.

Paynesville: The main jetties around town for mullet on worm.
Newlands Arm for bream taking prawn. Some mulloway are about liking fish fillets.

Hollands Landing: Blonde Bay, Toms Creek and the Woodpile for bream. Best baits are prawn and worm.

Metung: Bream taking sandworm and prawn in Chinamans Creek and the deep-water area near Shaving Point.

Marlo: Water levels are still high but try the Islands and French Narrows. Best baits worm and prawn.
The surf is worth a try for salmon and tailor using poppers and pilchard.

Bemm River: The bream are heading upstream where prawn has been the preferred bait, also try the lake.
The surf is quiet.

Tamboon: Fishermans Landing and Peach Tree Creek for bream taking prawn and yabbies.
Try the shallow banks from Mud Point to Pelican point for flathead using vibes.

Mallacoota: The surf for salmon using pilchard and poppers.
Luderick are being caught on the incoming tide taking local weed.
Trevally are at the Fisheries Jetty in good numbers. Best bait being prawn.
Bream are in the Top Lake, from Cape Horn, Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers, best baits are prawn and bass yabbies.

Omeo High Country: Now the season is up and running the Mitta Mitta River is producing good trout on worm and lures. The other rivers are a bit quiet.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 0401 199 223. Good luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE snapper rumours are well are truly going around at the moment but in reality there aren’t too many being caught just yet.
There are however plenty showing up on sounders and some big schools as well as big fish.
The problem as always this time of the year is once they come in to the bay it seems to take them a couple of weeks before they settle or get hungry.
It is also common this time of the year to see lots of single fish or small groups of fish on sounders until they school up in a month or so.
With the weather still a bit inconsistent and not suitable to fish long times in the areas you need to, the smart thing to do is to use this time to start collecting bait.
In most conditions you can find a corner of the bay to find bait.
Calamari, salmon and couta are the most popular of the fresh baits for snapper and generally easily found at the moment.
Trevally are also another popular bait but have been a bit difficult over the last couple of years.
It is important at this time of the year to get ready for the snapper when they do start biting.
I think many snapper are lost because the bite is mistaken for much smaller fish.
It’s common for snapper, even large fish to bite like a flathead in the early part of the season so I wouldn’t dismiss any bite as being rubbish fish until you actually hook and see them.
The best spots during the week for boats was in the top part of the bay around Spit Point area around the Island and Corinella.
The new fish we saw came more from the other end around Cowes and up in the channel to Elizabeth Island.
I haven’t seen too many snapper from land based anglers as yet but that will change as the weather warms up and people actually get out fishing, it’s just a bit cold at night customers are telling me.

Calamari reports were a bit patchy but more to do with the weather than anything else because when the weather is good several reports come in.
The jetty at San Remo has been OK when it clears up but the wind keeps stirring up fine weed that fouls jigs very quickly.
In Cleeland Bight from the beach it was a little mixed in size and quantity but reports were consistent.
I had a couple more reports from the jetty at Corinella this week again.
We are starting to get a few more reports from the boats now with more on the water.
In the boats/kayaks there have been some big calamari reported around Reef Island and towards Coronet Bay with smaller ones from Cleeland Bight, some reasonable numbers and size from over at Tortoise Head as well.
A mixture of colours is working with the artificial jigs and no colour is really standing out as the best.
Most of the reports however are coming from those using baited jigs especially the land based anglers.

Whiting are there but a bit of a challenge is the word from almost everyone chasing them at the moment.
The challenge is not the weather or finding the fish, the challenge is getting away from the leather jackets.
They are back in plague proportions this year and when you catch a whiting you need to get as many as possible before the leather jackets show up.
When they do show up that will be it for the whiting and a move will be needed.
The best area for whiting is also the worst area for the leatherjackets and that is up in Dickies Bay.
Below the bridge in Cleeland Bight is a bit slower on the whiting and the leather jackets are much bigger.