By King George

EVEN though we have had some very cold weather the winds have been comparatively calm.
As a result there have been quite a few boaters and land-based fishers trying their luck.
There have been reports of squid in fairly good numbers being caught by boaters as well as off the jetties although they can be caught virtually year round from noon will be in better numbers.
It follows that they will attract larger predators, which usually means better fishing reports.

Surf: There continues to be positive reports as far as the local surf beaches are concerned.
Williamsons and Baxters beaches have been the most productive where salmon have been to the 2kg mark.
There have also been a few tommy roughs along with the occasional flathead where the best time to wet a line has been on the run in tide.
The results are that much better if this occurs before daylight or dusk going into nightfall.

Inverloch: Even though there have been good patches of weather the fishing numbers have been down on what could usually be expected.
There have not been any reports from outside the entrance but there has been a few isolated catches of salmon, silvers and flathead being caught mainly by land-based anglers around Pensioners Corner.
Terry Martin is a regular visitor from Leongatha but at the time of speaking to King George he had not made any impression on the local fish population.
Further up the beach there was a group of land-based anglers trying their luck where a few salmon had been caught but nothing to get too excited about.
Occasionally there will be a school of salmon pay a visit for a short time when there is plenty of action but generally speaking there is a fair wait between enquiries.
At Mahers Landing there have been a few mullet, silvers and flathead being caught by land-based anglers on the run in tide on baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies and whitebait.

Newhaven Yacht Squadron: Garry Richards of he Newhaven Yacht Squadron advises that a fishing competition will commence on September 1 through to 5pm on December 19, followed by presentations at 6pm.
Ladies and juniors welcome to participate where there will be prizes for the best snapper in each Division consisting of, Males, Ladies and Juniors.
There will be a barbecue and a few drinks at the clubrooms after.
Gary says he is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Shallow Inlet: Salmon are still in good numbers and Karen Starrett who runs the caravan park with husband Andrew says the good fishing should continue.
One of his visitors, Greg Norman had a pleasing day and bagged some very good size salmon.
She says that there was also another visitor, Adam who caught a couple of ripper whiting that were 39cm which is a great early sign for the coming season.
The general opinion is that the whiting numbers may be down a bit through winter there will still be plenty that stick around.
The theory goes that they are mainly fish that like to stay close to the bottom while salmon are often near the surface.
It follows that most baits are quickly snapped up by the torpedo fish and the odd ones that make it to the bottom are taken by fish such as whiting and other fish than like to stick around on the deck so to speak.
Like all theories there will be believers and non-believers.

Port Welshpool: There has not been any reports from this part of the world, which is surprising but given that there have been finals in football and netball, these have no doubt taken precedence.
Another reason could be that although the water condition has not been too bad there is the chill factor to consider and no doubt this will change in the near future.

Port Albert: Ulla from the General Store says whiting continue to dominate the fishing scene.
She says the royals are in very good numbers and although not huge they are well over size and very fat.
They seem to be taking a variety of baits with Bass yabbies and pipis being the most successful.
There has also been good results as far as the jetties are concerned with fish such as silvers, mullet, garfish and flathead making up most bags.

Lakes Entrance: North Arm, Bullock Island, the Cunninghame Arm and town jetties are producing trevally, mullet and tailor, for best results use prawn and pilchard.
The surf has been good for salmon on pilchard and poppers.
Offshore has been producing pinkies and morwong on squid and pilchards.

Lake Tyers: The fishing competition last weekend had good results from Trident Arm with bream being taken on prawn and lures.
On the incoming tide, trevally and tailor are taking glassies and lures, the back of Mud Island and towards the Glasshouse for best results.

Mitchell River: At Eagle Point, The Cut and down to the mouth they are catching bream on sandworm and cut crab.
The Highway Bridge for perch on plastics and hard bodied lures, and mullet on worm.

Tambo River: Rough Road and towards Punthouse Point has been producing bream on prawn.
Also try Clues Bluff and towards the river mouth.

Nicholson: The Reeds, The Cliffs and up to Strait Six for good size bream, bait of choice being prawn and worm.

Metung: The town jetties, Marina and the Boardwalk heading towards Chinamans Creek for bream and mullet. Best baits are worm and prawn.

Paynesville: Fishermans Wharf, the Straits and Newlands Arm Jetty are all producing mullet on worm.

Hollands Landing: Try the jetties around Loch Sport for mullet taking worm. Storm Point and back to Blonde Bay are also worth a try.

Marlo: Up until Thursday fishing in the river system had produced flathead, bream and perch. Best bait prawn, plastics and hard bodied lures.

Bemm River: Bream in the lake, taking worm.
Luderick are around snaggy areas, also taking worm.
The surf is good for salmon on pilchard and poppers.
The rain will change everything!

Tambo River: Peach Tree Creek for bream taking prawn. Aeroplane Rocks, Peters Rocks for luderick taking worm.
Try the surf for salmon on pilchard and poppers.

Mallacoota: Luderick are at the main wharf on local weed.
Both Lakes are quiet but in the rivers from Cape Horn up to the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers are producing flathead and perch on plastics and lures.

High Country: The season opens on the first Saturday of September.

A tip from King George to beginners: If in doubt as to what size hook you will use it is a good idea to err on the small size.
Always remember that a small hook will hold a comparatively big fish.
Take into consideration the mouth size of the fish you are targeting and always keep the hooks sharp.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 0401 199 223. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

A LITTLE bit of fine weather this week and there are plenty of customers out collecting bait with the start of the season just around the corner.
Calamari is the main target for those gearing up for the snapper followed closely by salmon for those who have been out looking for gummies.
Not many are turning it into fish as yet but I think that will all change over the next month as conditions improve and we see more people out fishing.
The ramps are getting busier and there have already been a couple of days at Corinella that the car park has been full with those keen to catch an early red.
The waters around Corinella, Temby Point and Spit Point are always early season areas to fish and always seem to produce as well as being a good winter fishery for snapper.
The problem with this area is of course everybody knows it and generally it is very busy even early in the season.
If you are not into crowds and want to chase an early fish, there are other areas that produce fish they are just not targeted as much.
While the areas at the top end of the bay tend to hold fish they have to get there somehow and the most direct route is up the channel beside French Island past Elizabeth Island.
Because the channel is more of a highway for the fish than a holding area you must fish it that way and basically pick a spot and wait and wait, burley up and have several baits in the water.
As you are fishing in fast moving water, don’t forget to make sure your baits are not spinning and you will need to use plenty of lead.

There weren’t that many snapper caught during the week and seemed to be a mixture of new and old fish.
Most of those who caught snapper only, managed one or maybe two and I haven’t herd of too many bagging out yet but it won’t be long.
Snapper that were reported came from that Corinella area, Cowes, Rhyll and a couple from the bottom end of the western channel.

I was expecting a lot of gummy reports this week with the moon but in the lead up to the moon it just didn’t happen maybe it will happen after the moon.
The days around the moon weren’t the best weather for an overnight trip on the bay and with the rain several land based customers stayed home as well.
Those chasing snapper seemed to find plenty of undersized gummies but not much of size.

Not a lot of whiting reports are coming in but I haven’t seen many boats up in Dickies Bay yet and most that are heading into Cleeland Bight have been chasing calamari.
There were a couple of reports from over at Tortoise Head and Rhyll but they seemed to be random catches and no reason why one area was better than the other.
I had one customer that fished Tortoise Head and he said when he got there conditions weren’t great and the boat was swinging all over the place and they were going to pack up until the whiting started and they finished up with over a dozen of quality ones in a very short time.

Salmon reports are still coming in fairly regularly and plenty of good quantity and quality from most areas.
Inverloch still the best although you have had to chase the fish around a bit and a few reports from the Wonthaggi beaches this week as well which have been reasonably quiet.
Woolamai and Kilcunda were constant but you needed to put plenty of time in to get a good bag.

Calamari were the best we have seen over the last few months with plenty of numbers and some as big as 2.5kg.
Not a lot of small ones and patchy at times but when you managed to be in the right place at the right time you didn’t have any trouble getting a bag full.
Baited jigs from those fishing the beaches and mixed from the kayaks and boats.
San Remo Jetty was good while frustrating at times watching plenty of squid swimming around but not taking any jigs.