Winners of Wonthaggi Angling Club monthly competition Jarrod Donohue, Alan Bentick, Anne Luberack and Kaitlyn Richards.

Winners of Wonthaggi Angling Club monthly competition Jarrod Donohue, Alan Bentick, Anne Luberack and Kaitlyn Richards.

By King George

WITH settled conditions over much of last week, many boaters and landbased anglers have been out on the water trying their luck.

Surf: There has been plenty of action as far as surf fishing has been concerned. Williamsons Beach has been productive with salmon to the 1.5kg mark being bagged in good numbers.
The run-in tide has been the best time to try your luck where white bait and surf poppers have been most effective.
Baxters Beach has also been worth a visit as has Kilcunda but there seems to be any amount of crabs that will quickly steal an easy whitebait meal.
One way to overcome this problem is to have a surf popper on the bottom and a natural bait set so that it is off the bottom if possible.

Inverloch: The good fishing continues at Anderson Inlet. Landbased anglers have been doing well around Pensioners Corner through the week but come Sunday there seem to have been a sudden slow down with just a sprinkling of salmon and silvers making up most bags.
King George came across one angler who had a mixed bag of five fish made up of salmon and silvers that were to around the 500g mark which would give him enough for a good evening meal.
However there were quite a few other not so lucky and had every chance of going home without anything to grace the table.
The jetty has been fairly quiet even though there were plenty of hopefuls trying their luck with nothing much more than a few crabs to show for their efforts.
King George visited Mahers Landing where there were a few landbased fishers trying their luck.
A couple of ladies Sarah and Lyndal Zerbe are from Melbourne and had not troubled the weigh master but were hopeful of catching something to take home and King George wished them both good luck.
There had been positive reports of salmon schools located not far from the area known as the “A” frame house, a short distance to the west of Mahers Landing where they have been caught in good numbers.

Tarwin River: There have been consistent reports of perch to the 32cm mark being caught from the rock wall to above the highway bridge on baits such as Bass yabbies sand worms and soft plastic lures.
The best results have been on the run-off tide.
Mixed in with the perch have been reasonable numbers of silvers, mullet and eels for those who like them. As usual the fishing platforms are getting a good workout especially with visitors who appreciate the comfort they provide.

Shallow Inlet: Information from the caravan park is that there are plenty of salmon and silvers being bagged on both sides of the tides.
Karen Starrett and husband Rob who run the park says that the fish have been taking a variety of presentations and salmon are also being bagged on lures.
There was a report of one boater who hooked into a very big whiting and just as he was about to bring the trophy fish into the boat along came a very unwanted large seal that snatched the whiting and headed off into the depths with his prize.
Not much the unhappy boater could do other than curse the seal and his bad luck and start all over again.
Although we have had a run of fine weather the water temperature is still down at the winter level hut the good news is that there will be plenty of silvers and salmon being caught but as yet not a great deal of whiting.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that there has not been a great deal of activity.
There were 15 boats that put out looking for a fish but there was plenty of water mixed in with them.
There had been however some good bags as far as the squid being caught on white jigs.
There has been the odd gummy caught as well as a few reds being bagged through the week.
One lucky boat managed a good bag of whiting, three flathead and there was a total of 11 salmon caught as well but the put off is all the weed that has turned up and of course we all know what that does to spinners.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday at the clubrooms where fish of the day was salmon.
Sponsor of the day was Inverloch Marine who was thanked by President Steve Howell for their ongoing support.
The winner of the senior male section was Jarrod Donohue with a 655g whiting for 1834 points.
The senor female section was won by Anne Luberack with a 475g whiting for 1330 points.
The junior male section winner was Hunter Tiziani with a 285g fish for 798 points.
Kaitlyn Richards won the junior female section with a 675g salmon for 1620 points. Alan Bentick won the veteran’s section with a 555g whiting for 1554 points.
President Steve announced that the second of the yearly trips to the Tambo River will take place next month on the weekend of October 24. He said that this is traditionally a fantastic fishing weekend and asked that as many members and visitors as possible participate in what is always a successful outing.
He also thanked Ian Kent for the great job he did in doing the bar b q for the 52 members and visitors in attendance.

Lakes Entrance: Some trevally, whiting and mullet are around the town jetties and heading up the North Arm for bream, best baits being worm and peeled prawn.
The surf is quiet and offshore for pinkies and morwong. Try pilchard and squid for bait.

Lake Tyers: On the incoming tide, around the islands and heading to the Glasshouse for bream taking plastics and prawn. Mill Point, Long Point and Burnt Bridge for good size bream on sandworm and prawn. Tailor are also cruising about.

Mitchell River: The Barrier, Grassy Banks and down to the Two Bells for bream taking worm. The Backwater for perch. Mullet at the Highway Bridge on worm and vibes.

Tambo River: From Marshalls Flats and down to the snags for bream, best bait being worm. Try the Blue Hole and the Cliffs areas as well.

Nicholson: From the Little Cliffs, the second Fence and down to thumb point for good size bream using worm.

Metung: Try the Rockwall for bream taking worm and prawn. Give the shallow banks a try around dusk for flathead.

Paynesville: Raymond Island Jetties for Bream on prawn. Leatherjackets are taking prawn, use small hooks. Mullet are about most jetties taking worm. Tailor in the Lake, trolling with lures for best results.

Hollands Landing: Hollands Landing and back through McLennan Strait for bream on prawn. Also try Tom’s Creek and into Jones Bay. Secombe Landing in deep water at night using mullet for some mulloway.

Marlo: The Brodribb and Snowy Rivers have bream to 44cm, best baits are sandworm and prawn. Also Luderick and mullet are about taking worm. The surf beaches for Salmon with pilchard and poppers. Offshore for Flathead and gummy shark on pilchard and squid.

Bemm River: Nice Bream in the lakes and the lower stretches of the river. Bait of choice being sandworm. The surf has produced good salmon on blue bait and poppers.

Mallacoota: Luderick at the Main Wharf and Fisheries taking local weed. Bream in the Top Lake heading up to the upper reaches of the two Rivers. Best baits are prawn and bass yabbies. Surf for salmon taking pilchard and poppers.

Ovens High Country: The Mitta Mitta, Gibbo and Livingstone Rivers at the bottom end are producing good Trout, best baits being scrubbies, celtars, spoons and bronze or silver wobblers. Swifts creek fishing club has a competition on September 19.

A tip from King George to beginners: When trying to decide what size hooks to use always remember that a small hook will hold a comparatively big fish.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Stocked up with trout

SEVENTY small lakes across Victoria will be stocked with catchable size rainbow trout for the September school holidays.
The Family Fishing Lakes program has released 26,000 rainbow trout into lakes systems.
Anglers are reminded that a daily bag limit of five trout applies in Family Fishing Lakes, of which only two trout can exceed 35cm.
For a full list of waters stocked with trout for the holidays visit – Gippsland lakes to be stocked include Morwell Lake, Hyland Lake in Churchill and Guthridge Lake in Sale.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

WITH four teams left and two weekends to go in the AFL then a bit of fine weather and the ramps will start to get busy and a new game will start “ramp rage.”
Unfortunately we see it every year and it’s a problem easily solved with a tiny amount of courtesy. There are some very simple things you can do to make your day start off much better.
Load your boat at home before you get to the ramp, when you buy your bait or lunch put them straight into the boat and not the car so when you get to the ramp you are ready to go.
Pull up short of the line of cars at the ramp to put your canopy up or take your covers off or if you are in the line and not ready wave the next person on before you.
When you come back in you can also help the congestion by getting your boat on the trailer as quick as you can and not after you have tied the boat up for half-an-hour while you clean you catch.
When you pull the boat out of the water move it down far enough so as you don’t block up the top of the ramp.
All sounds very simple I know but anybody that has used the boat ramps over the busy time will know exactly what I am saying.
Around 90 per cent of people are very good and organised but unfortunately it only takes one and the whole system falls down.
The fine weather certainly bought the fishermen out this weekend all looking for an early snapper and a few were rewarded.
There were plenty of pictures of sounders from frustrated fishermen trying to work out how to get those arches on the sounder into the boat and the answer is relativity simple, when they are good a ready they will bite and you will catch them.
It is surprising how many people think cause they can see them they will catch them.
We find this every year when the fish come in the swim around in small schools and are not interested in eating until something, maybe water temperature triggers them.
There is always the odd one caught or someone that manages to sit on a school of hungry fish and that was the case over the last week.
Almost all the snapper we saw for the week were around the 5kg mark and still a mixture of new and old fish.
Most were caught in the area around Corinella but we are starting to see more from further down in the channel along the island, Elizabeth to Tortoise Head.
The reports were very inconsistent from those who managed to catch them but one thing that almost everyone told me was it was a very soft bite.
Some had one and that was the only one they saw while others had a couple and lost a couple more.
With most targeting snapper, gummies become a bit of a by-catch this time of the year and a few were caught just nothing too exciting.
Several reported catching small undersize ones especially from around The Corals areas while anything bigger came from those fishing the channels.
Something that was common to just about everybody was that there are plenty of cod out there and it’s not difficult to get sick of catching them but you do have to keep checking because of the way everything else is biting.
The best catches for the week for both numbers and size have been calamari, land or boat, baited or artificial.
The best time to catch them this week was into the evening from the land and the boats it seemed to be on the change of tide.
There wasn’t a lot of people that got more than a couple each from the land while the boats were better and we saw a few with up to 10.
For those who travel Mel and her partner fished off the Welshpool Jetty on Monday night and managed 11.
The best of the calamari came in boats from off Cowes where some excellent quality ones were caught.
We also had reports from Reef Island, Cleeland Bight and Tortoise Head. From the land Cleeland Bight, Ventnor Beach, Cowes Jetty and the best came from San Remo Jetty.
Whiting I think would be reasonably good if you could get away from the plague proportions of leather jackets that are in most of the good spots.
We had a few reports of smaller catches ones and twos and one very good bag one sent to our Facebook page but apart from that most got sick of the leather jackets and went home or chasing something else.